Supertest: Duke of Zhou Ravine Map

  1. General description

Map size: 1000 × 1000 meters
Mode: Standard Battle
Environment: Autumn-Winter

  1. Gameplay

Description of the play area:

Semi-enclosed area for heavy tanks.
High elevations allow you to control most of the map with almost any type of vehicle, especially medium tanks.
The connection of roads in the ravine in the center of the map enables light tanks to play a key role in battles.
Additional positions are used to repel enemy offensives with tank destroyers.

14 thoughts on “Supertest: Duke of Zhou Ravine Map

  1. From the looks of these preliminary screenshots it looks like a nice map, that although it is somewhat mirrored it ‘s not rigidly mirrored.

      1. Because it looks boring and unrealistic? A good map doesn’t need to be mirrored because different locations should provide different advantages that needs to be used in different ways each time. That way playing the same map multiple times will still feel interesting. WoT is so extremely repetetive – you always play the same map in the same way, you always play against the same tanks in the same way, etc.

      2. Also, it seems like WG are still stubborn to keep their “class areas”. HT should go here, MTs should go here, TDs should go here. Seems like WG still havn’t understood that the whole purpose of different classes is that they should play together and combine their strengths, not have local mini-games in separate locations of the same map.

  2. This map looks like spread buttcheeks, sorry not my fault I didn’t make it. Considering Studzianki and a couple others have a similar aesthetic I have to wonder, is this deliberate? Somebody’s idea of a joke?

  3. *if the two sides of the map aren’t mirrored then one side ALWAYS gets a better advantage.
    we play the same maps thousands of times, it’s pretty fast that players work out which side of the map has the best positions.

    *logic and reasoning has entered the room.

    1. Nothing to do with it you knob. Random battles with random teams and maps lol

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