39 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 4 Offer #2: A-32

  1. A32 7500 Gold… Tier 4 ‘collector’ bait tank. I wanna see if the servers cope better or more ppl with errors on EU.

  2. If it was at least the pz2j for the fun factor of the retarded armor but this is just a stock t-34 …… not worth all that gold even if is a collector rarity

    1. A t-34 that can go 74 km/h with turbo lol

      Its speed is its meme factor

      edit: Did I mention the 32+ h.p./t specific power hahahaha

      Was somehow able to get it on NA and loving it!

      1. wtf you’re making me regret not getting it

        how fast can it go with oil?

        1. top max speed is 74 with turbo but with removed speed governor you can get its specific power to that of a good light tank! With grousers I have better traverse speeds than my Manticore and amx 13 105, who are sporting bond equipment, and I’m faster than both of them. This is a freaking TIER 4 MEDIUM TANK! hahaha

          The thing is a little monster, I’m having too much fun lol

          I guess I have to thank the “error issue” since I’ve never been able to snatch anything that went so fast from BM before (LeFe for example).

  3. Only tank I’ve ever wanted, and no stock were empty in like 30 seconds?

    It will never appear again… I waited 7 years. Seriously I feel hatred towards anything right now.

    I want delete my account now, but WG disabled option… so my only option is to get banned for good.

    1. I want delete my account now, but WG disabled option… so my only option is to get banned for good.

      Account wiping has been disabled, but deletion should still be available. Go check in your account management options, bottom right link.

      1. Yeah my main point is to wipe, as there is no actual reason to return anymore, of course I got another option too to get similar result as wipe…

        1. Wiping is disabled (i.e. account reset), but if there is no reason to return then why not just get the account deleted?

    2. Tbh I’m really tempted to sell my account now, as crew 2.0 is coming in hot

      I pressed the buy button purely on a whim, wanted to see if it’d give out an error, and I actually got the tank even though I never aimed for that 😐

      Interested in getting the account? Got many other nice tonks, plus lots of bonds and about 25k gold left

      Lemme know if you wanna have a look at the garage, whenevvs. Just leave some contact info and I’ll be in touch
      Btw don’t try to get to me on the email I left here; it’s a fake, for obvious reasons

      1. you really think you could find a muppet to pay you 50% of what you invest in it?

      2. For anyone that’s looking to buy an account:

        Know that the seller can always reclaim the account with Wargaming Support. All he has to do is show a receipt of a purchase he made in the premium shop and you lose your money.

        I strongly recommend you stay away from this person and I urge a moderator to delete his advertisement.

    3. Man, that sucks … commiserations, mate. Not sure why are so incredibly keen on that of all tanks … sure, it’s rare, but other than that it isn’t all that special, is it?

    4. I understand, I would have felt the same way if I didn’t get it.

      But, this was the last preorder tank, and there’s clearly a large demand.

      Now that they’ve ‘broken the seal’ and sold them again, it’s likely to appear again in the future, like the Panther V/IV and Mutant.

    5. Please can I have your account? I really want to just have fun. I will always be happy to return it if you change your mind. Let me know what you think. You know where to find me

  4. This thing is nowhere as imba as the Pz II J or the SU-76i, am I missing something that a Tier 4 turd with a 7500 gold pricetag sold in less than half a minute?

    1. It’s a collectors tank that haven’t been sold for over 10 years, the “want to have” factor is pretty high among people who have everything else.

      1. It’s way better than the SU that has been power crept to shit. It’s too slow to be meaningful and armour useless. This on the other hand is extremely flexible, can relocate and circle anything it meets. Well worth it.

  5. I don’t really care if it’s good or not, I’m happy that I got that one collectors tank I’ve been trying to get for the last 10 years

  6. RU server had anyway most amount of A-32 as it were even sold in premium store, but this never been on other servers. 10k on RU server, 3600 on EU server :/

    Balance 😛

  7. what the actual fuck????did they move the time table? didn’t it start at 6 AM/PM before?

  8. wow, 7.5k gold for a tier 4 shitter…. i think is the same price as super pershing … and sp is tier 8.

  9. Got it, looks good net to the SU-76i the pz 38h and the PZ V/VI i have in my garage

  10. Were there any reports of errors during this quick sale? Or was it just for poor sods like me trying to buy the Turtle.

        1. I’m on asia server and many people in general chat said they got the same one as me, something to the effect of “The transaction could not be completed, please try again later.
          WG’s response was “Please note that the system processes a certain number of requests. If you see this message, then you are not included in this request group.”
          i.e. despite the amount they’re racking in, they are too cheap to have sufficient server capacity.
          They wanted to close the ticket but I kept it open and asked why should players be disadvantaged because their infrastructure is crap. Waiting response

  11. I never have and I never will understand people claiming to be a “tank collector”
    Does that mean you’re willing to spend insane amount of money to buy tanks just to sit in the garage?
    It’s a game, why on earth would anyone prioritize doing something that stupid?
    Just try inviting someone to your home and see what they think of your collection. Don’t forget to mention how much you paid for it.

    I would be ashamed and embarrassed.

    1. Yeah this. Never understood why someone would buy a pixel tank just to “have” in the garage and never play it. If they want to spend an insane amount and play the tank then I get it, but not just to leave it sitting in the garage and never using it.

      1. A collection is something that you own (and generally of some value to yourself or someone else collecting similar things).
        Tanks cannot be traded between players, and the EULA states that 1. accounts cannot be bought or sold, and 2. you are not actually buying anything (pixel or otherwise), but instead you are paying WG to let you use them on your account.
        I can’t understand why people buy prem tanks and not play them….its not like buying a car where it loses substantial value when you drive it off the lot, and you can’t even flex with them as only tanks you’ve used in battles appear in your Service Record.

  12. Damn I really wanted this. Kept clicking on the purchase button and it kept giving me errors. Not fair but this WG. I guess I’ll keep my shekels for another day.

    1. Your shekels would still be able to get you the tonk, as part of an entirely new account with many other things on it!

      Just gotta fork up real-life ones ^^

      You in? Or you ginna flee to the Middle East and build your own independent state there?

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