WG’s Response on Black Market Payment Errors

Source: TragicLoss, WG employee

„We are aware that some of you have encountered issues while attempting to make a purchase in the Black Market.

We are delighted to see that so many of you are interested and even looking forward to this feature and would love to be able to cater to all.

Unfortunately, this enthusiasm has put our systems to the test and caused a number of you to receive errors.

We will be taking steps to avoid this as much as possible in the future, but we’re afraid some extreme situations could still sometimes result in overloads.

Please remember that the rules of the Black Market are that there are no rules and there may be times in which luck can play a factor into whether you manage to get your prized goods or not.”

20 thoughts on “WG’s Response on Black Market Payment Errors

  1. in black market there are no rules…

    now here are 7 rules…..

    black market starts…

    oh, here’s another rule….rule 8

  2. in the future we take your payment and give u lag
    real question of investment
    why should we buy from you, your products when they have no waranty and come broke from the start ?
    so we can have things like this ?
    what are u wargaming a joke ?
    do you think jokesters live long in the world ?

  3. Actually since these errors are basically like RNGer, it gives a chance to those who don’t have the best internet or PCs to get something. It is the BM after all, nothing is guaranteed.

  4. So basically, since the Black Market has no rules, none can be broken to begin with and so WG cannot be held accountable if anything happens.

    Also, pretty cringe that a company whose main product is online videogames cannot avoid a scenario where their own customers DDoS the game simply because they are trying to take part in an event.

    1. No rules? On the contrary, there are at least three universal rules, which will never change: 1) Wargaming will always fuck up, some way or other. 2) They will always come up with a lame excuse and promise to do better 3) They will fuck up again.

      Remember the SU-76i fiasco in last year’s Black Market, where those – including me – who had the Chinese Tier IV tank destroyer in the garage could not buy it cause Wargaming doesn’t know it’s own tanks and had forgotten that there is one with a very similar name? Well, after the extent of this triple facepalm had become clear, Eekeeboo told us to contact support and they would find a solution. Did that, same reply and they asked me for patience … and then nothing. Ticket was closed without further reply, and couple of days later some community manager or other said “sorry no can do” and claimed that everybody who had contacted support had received a reply, which was not the case. When some protested they hadn’t – I was obviously not the only one – he more or less implied that they were lying. And that was that. One year on and 2021’s freshest facepalm blooms on our faces.

      There’s no point in complaining. It’s Wargaming. They can’t help themselves.

      1. they are truly incompetent when it comes to doing anything other than breaking their game by releasing OP tanks that would and will never exist

    1. If you want to see change for the better, this is essentially the only advice that works lol.

  5. I’m like: WTF! Are still players going for this? Are you that fu…. stu….? Putting more money into gold for WG’s “pixels”? Noooooooooooo! I can’t believe there’s people so stu…!

    1. Pretty much… You’re expecting something else? NO RULES with WG remember?

  6. Wargaming is truly useless. Remember that as long as they continue to make mistakes and destroy our game, make sure that they do not get a single cent, otherwise they will just continue to screw us over.
    I contacted support and their member, Victor Kravchenko, did not even address my question, instead he talked about the lot count negating the fact that I was asking about the errors that popped up as I was one of the first to spam the buy button.

    Never again will I spend money in this game.

    1. You should have not even tried to spend in first place! People think when we advise them to STOP PUTTING MONEY INTO THIS GAME that we are just being a pain…
      Is actually not worth it!

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