24 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 3 Offer #1: Auction – Nimmermehr Style for πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ E 50 Ausf M

  1. 55k units? Do they seriously expect 55k players to part with gold for a 3d style for the E 50M?

  2. Nice looking Style, but 55K lot?… more WG trolling. Are there 55K active E50M players on EU server? or did it make more sense to release a small 9400 lot during the day when server was overloaded (120K+). Lol. There weren’t even 55K ppl online at this hour.

  3. would not pay 100 gold for it
    its a 3d style where u can find for free on wot mods
    gtfo wg

      1. Who cares? Chances are other players will have toggled ‘unhistorical’ styles off anyway. There are a plethora of better (imo) looking styles, skins and vehicle re-imaginings created via the community and cost you nothing but the seconds it takes to download and install them. You can see them, you get to enjoy them.

  4. I love panther, e50s and I enjoy play ’em. But, sorry even 500 gold for this style is not worth for me.
    So awkward.

  5. This confirms that white lights are closed bid auctions. Yellow lights are open bid auctions., and no lights are “first come, first served.” Simple sales.

    This is list so far. For when it comes to terms of sale, based on the leaked images.

    WHITE LIGHT/closed auction:
    Proggeto 46
    50TP proto.
    WZ-111 Qilin
    Cromwell B
    Bretagne Panther
    M54 Renegade

    YELLOW LIGHT/open auction:
    Aufk. Panther
    Skoda T27

    NO LIGHT/simple sale:
    Somua SM
    Foch 155
    Waffen. E-100

  6. 55.000 Styles to sold on eu while 31.000 players where online on this time. Pretty would be stupid to bid more than the minimum, lol.

    1. you do know the bidding lasts 8 hours? so during the day more people will come online….but that still doesn’t make it a good offer

      1. Handy little device that early morning claxxon, allowing WG to see just how many desperate devotees they can count on when calculating future events, pricing and availability etc.

  7. Wasn’t going to bid, but I’ve gold and thought: “255 gold? I bid 256 and if I get it, great, if not, who cares?”
    And yep, I got it =P

  8. i put the minimal bid i still got it….wonder how many in total did they sell?

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