48 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Day 2 Offer #2: Turtle Mk. I

    1. Quote from you at “6:02” PM:
      “Not worth it”
      also Quote from you at “6:06″PM:
      “Error on buying
      Wot sucks”

      this is the average TAP commentator (not reader nor visitor) in a nutshell: logic 404, not found.

  1. i couldnt even buy it cuz too many guys hit that purchase button so it crashed xD

  2. Yep, same happened to me, error processing payment or whatever… 7 tries, all unsucessful…. Just hope to god it doesnt happen with foch 155 if it comes..

    1. same, five times tried to hit purchase, five times error…. not that I am sad not getting it, though.
      It was a good experience watching the counter going doing by the thousands…

    2. What do you guys say about Foch 155 in comparison to the Foch B? Has anyone experience with both and can give an advice which one is in total the better one/more fun one. Thanks for every advice 😀

      1. There’s a reason why the Foch 155 is known for only having 750 DPM, the clip takes nearly 50 seconds to load and has horrible gun handling. I swear that french tanks have the worse gun rng sometimes. If all three shots hit its great but that rarely happens.

        1. Thanks! I tested the Foch B on the Test Server. Nothing extraordinary, but I liked it so far. I guess I will go for the B and keep the 23Mio Credits 😀

          1. That and the reward tanks aren’t worth as much as Tech Tree tanks because WG has been limiting their use lately. You can’t use your 183 or Foch 155 in Ranked or 7v7 or any upcoming special modes. So Randoms and maybe Skirmises is where you will use these (unlikely with other OP/better reward tanks around). If you have all the T10s, have 200 Mil credits on your account, want to collect all tanks, then sure, go for the 20M+ sales for such unique T10s.

  3. The amount of rage in the chat was incredible.

    Also: 4x as many available on the RU server as on the EU? There were only 1.5x as many M10s there this morning.

    1. Tier 8 moneymaker, purchasing ability of Russians/Western Europeans, it’s understandable that it was x4 more on the Russian server. 35 euros is 2.5hrs of min wage in Eu, it’s 1-2 day’s worth of a (min) wage for the Russians.

      1. to be fair, the russian server population is what? 4-6 times the amount of EU players?

      2. 6 million credits equals 6mil/400=15000 gold, equals €50 euros. which is 4.3 days of working in Russia at minimum wage. In Germany @€9 its 5.5 hours of work. But yeah, point made.
        Those tier X BM tanks though..are about TWO DAYS at AVERAGE wage work, for an average german..

  4. Error processing payment, try later, stock gone so no way to try later.
    WG clusterfuck as usual.

  5. gave me error 1000 times
    SCREW wargaming
    done with this game
    fake ass company

  6. Same here, “Error processing payment”, not a chance. Honestly, I am pretty mad. Losing out like this just feels horribly unfair.

    WG is and always will be the company that never fails to disappoint.

  7. Error:
    Error processing payment. Please try again later.
    7 Times. No tank. BS.

  8. If you got an error it means the server had already received 9400 purchase requests, trying again won’t change a thing.

    Once again the people with the faster PC and faster internet won the day…

    1. Obviously not because there are many reports that players finally got one after they had received two or three errors at their first attempts.
      Even Sebastianul.

    2. That is actually not true. The error was because too many requests at the same time. There are players that could buy it after 4 failed attempts.

  9. Why are people so mad ? What do you expect ? 39.000 items, 100.000 people clicking within 2 seconds.
    Somebody gets the error.

  10. … sold out in less than a minute?

    Did people standards dip below a certain level or something? Because last I heard, the Turtle was considered trash.

    1. It’s a tier 8 premium that doesn’t cost you a single real-life cent, and you’re complaining?

  11. Whelp…at least it wasn’t the T8 premium Polish heavy or Czech medium. I actually had to be physically onsite at work today!

    1. I skipped one of my university classes just for this!! Won’t happen again. BM is only once a year after all…

  12. Interesting.

    The lights in this one aren’t there. Than that means tanks with lights are for auction. With white being for credits, yellow for gold.

    So if this were the case than it should be like this

    White and yellow lights= Auctions for their respective currencies.

    And no lights being first come, first served.

    Seb keep track of the lights next sale. If my hunch is correct than we can predict the terms of sale for all the tanks that were leaked based on the lights.

    1. If that’s true then it would mean that the E-50M 3D style is a silver auction which is doubtful since they’ve never had 3D styles for silver in the BM before unless I am misremembering.

      1. It’s also possible that the lights may mean closed or open bid auctions we’ll have to see what the next event is

  13. For those working you know full time 5 days week JOB
    and so we don’t get home until gone 17.30pm BST

    this is another big GO Fuck yourself from Wargame complete Asswipes

    also i read the Turtle today BM ‘offer’ was sold out in 45 seconds?
    what a complete fucking trolling joke from Wargame

  14. Error:
    Error processing payment. Please try again later.
    9 times, procedeed by not available
    Great System

    In the meantime i keep seeing Turtles at the hands of players with under 1000 battles, good stuff

  15. 1500 turtles offered on Asia server at sale happening midnight on a school / work night…20,000 “players” online….
    ALL 1500 turtles sold in less than 1 second, 1450 turtles sold to bot accounts.

    I checked in at 5am to see if it was an auction running, so I could bid, and there’s a grand total of 200 players online over the 2x asia servers.

    Its a robbery.
    And WG doesn’t give a shit.

    1. yeah WG not giving a shit is because WG know that you are the real cocksucker not them so… YOU the mass are paying them, the idiot is the one who pays not who ask.

  16. Absolute fuckup from WG and the arrogance in not admitting that they fucked up.
    Those greedy bastards have 0 interest in the player experience, especially if its not the RU region.

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