WoT Sandbox Test: Crew 2.0 – Known Issues

Unfortunately, you may face a few minor technical errors during the upcoming Sandbox test of Crew 2.0. We are still working on the concept of the reworked crew system and need to understand whether we are moving in the right direction at this stage. We will polish all the details and visual elements later after considering the results of the Sandbox test and your invaluable feedback.

Some images may be missing in some game interfaces, including the new crew itself. In addition, some images may be changed after the release of Crew 2.0.

The following functionality will not be available during the Sandbox test:

  • All game modes, except for Random Battles
  • Personal Missions
  • In-game Store
  • Daily Missions
  • Hall of Fame
  • Clan functionality (clan landing page, clan profile, Strongholds, Global Map)
  • Transition to the Premium Shop
  • Mastery Badges and Marks of Excellence
  • Vehicle performance rating (WTR rating)
  • Anonymizer
  • Chat in the Garage
  • Crew dismissal

Functionality that will still work without the support of the new crew system:

  • Operations with multinational vehicles
  • Vehicle comparison window, taking the crew into account
  • Windows with information about vehicles, vehicle preview

Source: EU Portal

3 thoughts on “WoT Sandbox Test: Crew 2.0 – Known Issues

  1. WoT forum just collapsed under all that hate crew 2.0 causes.

    or maybe WG has closed in temporarily to moderate the hell out of the (s)crew 2.0 thread to get that sweet 70% majority telling how much they love this retarded update.

  2. its amazing the ammount of tears you can see from people that have not even tried the crew 2.0…
    it was necesary? yes; but.. was it priority one? NO, we all agree on that

    give it a chance, they can still make some changes… but crew 2.0 will come,either you like it or not… its not bad and its easy to see they’ve been working on it for years

    i know its hard for a toxic comunity like this one to accept this, but if you dont give reasonable and productive critics, dont even play the sandbox, because your oppinion would be ignored by both WG and the rest of the comunity, sayng ” its dumb” 17 times in the same text, without giving alternatives ( and no, “return to the old system” is not an alternative), is the same as saying nothing.

    after reading the comment on this web, no wonder WG usually chooses to totally ignore EU oppinion, most of the people look like crying babies, and can not even start to justify their point of view without insults or repeating themselves over and over again

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