Sandbox 2021: Try Out Crew 2.0!

Source: EU Portal. See the article on the portal for the new crew skills.

The crew is one of the most important game aspects in World of Tanks. For many of you, a highly skilled crew is a great source of pride, because training one is a long path that requires commitment.

Considering the high value of the crew to all Commanders, we are introducing a comprehensive set of improvements to the existing system. These improvements will allow each Commander to train their crews in a more tailored way according to their gameplay preferences, and to make interaction with the crew functionality more convenient.

Starting on February 23, we will be launching an open test of the global crew rework on the Sandbox server. All of you will have the chance to check out Crew 2.0, the reworked skill system, and many other important changes, including a system for converting old crew members into new ones.

Your feedback and impressions will determine how Crew 2.0 will be implemented in the game in the future.

Join the test, try out the reworked mechanics, and share your feedback!

Crew 2.0 Test on the Sandbox Server

February 23 at 13:00 CET through March 1 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1)


About the Sandbox

We would once again like to draw your attention to the purpose of the Sandbox server. This server is a testing ground where we explore the viability of our ideas and test new mechanics and possible changes to the game together with you. Each test on the Sandbox server should be treated as an experiment. The result of such an experiment is never known in advance.

Your feedback and suggestions are of vital importance. They help us understand whether we are moving in the right direction, and which of our proposed features require further improvement or are worthy of being added to the game. This is the value of the Sandbox—collaboration between players and developers!

The final form and release date of Crew 2.0 are not fixed yet. Everything will depend on how successful this test is on the Sandbox. These features will not be added to the live servers until we are convinced that we have created an intuitive and easily customizable crew system.

Development Objectives

First, let’s outline our main objectives in developing the crew system.

  1. Improving the user experience of interacting with the crew system in the Garage. In the current version of the game, each vehicle has a crew of 2 to 6 members. The number even varies within the same vehicle branch. For example, the Tiger II and the E 75 have crews of five members, while the E 100’s crew has six members. If you want to use the crew from the E 75 in the E 100, you will have to recruit another loader who will be less skilled than the other crew members. When your tank collection in the Garage includes many vehicles, the number of crew members you need to manage can be in the dozens or even hundreds. We want to reduce the number of “unnecessary” operations and improve the user experience of interacting with the crews in the Garage.
  2. Increasing the variety of skills and perks. Within the current system, most skills and perks are universal for all vehicle types. As a result, you select the same standard combinations of the most popular skills, sometimes even in the same order. We want you to be able to adjust your crew to suit your individual playstyle while also getting the most out of your crew in battle.
  3. Creating an intuitive progression system with clear and achievable goals. To make training or improving new skills an achievable goal with clear benefits, we will improve the current system so that it’s simpler and easier to understand. The impact of adding each Skill Point will be immediately noticeable.
  4. Improving and simplifying the interface and crew management tools. To make this possible, we tried various solutions before eventually determining that it was necessary to completely rework the current crew system. Let’s take a closer look at the key changes that you can test on the Sandbox server and share your feedback on.

A Single Commander

The crew will be represented in the Garage by a single Commander instead of separate crew members. You can change the Commander’s name and surname, as well as their appearance. Other crew members will nominally be present and perform a decorative function. This will simplify crew management and significantly reduce the number of Commanders in the Barracks.

However, in battle, the vehicle will still be controlled by all crew members, and the number of crew members for each vehicle will remain the same. If a vehicle originally had two loaders, it will still have two loaders in the new system. As before, crew members can be injured and stunned, thereby reducing the vehicle’s performance in battle.

Reworked Skill System

One of the most important changes that we suggest is a complete overhaul of the skill system. During the test, each crew will have their own Training Plan that contains five Training Courses:

  • Tactical Training
  • Gunnery Training
  • Technical Training
  • Operational Training
  • Driver Training

Each course will comprise five skills and two talents (more details about them below). Some of the skills (for example, Concealment or Smooth Turret Traverse) will be familiar to you from the current system, but most skills are completely new. For example, the Concentration skill will reduce damage dispersion relative to its base value. Thus, you can change the random factor and reduce the standard value of +/-25% when calculating the dispersion of damage that your vehicle can cause. The new Rationing skill will reduce the cooldown of consumables.

By default, the Sixth Sense skill will work for all crews without exception—there will be no need to train it anymore.

As you earn experience in battles, your crew will increase their Level and gain one Skill Point for each Level. All skills within the Training Plan are unlocked from the start, and you can choose to invest Skill Points in any skill of your choice.

During the test, the new crew will start from Level 1 with one Skill Point. A maximum of 10 Skill Points can be invested in each skill. As the Skill Level and the number of invested Skill Points increase, the battle performance of the crew’s vehicle will improve. However, a crew can earn a maximum of 75 Skill Points.

Game entities such as the Instructor and Directives can add bonus points to the skill to exceed the limit of 10 Points.

You will be able to distribute available Skill Points within the Training Plan in any order, thus selecting and improving skills in accordance with your own playstyle. All skills take immediate effect once you have trained them (i.e., invested at least one point into the skill). If you want, you can improve several skills at the same time.

In general, within the new system, a crew will gain noticeable benefits from their accumulated experience and skill training much faster. They will have a significantly higher impact on their vehicle’s battle performance as compared to the current system.

To level up a crew faster (i.e., obtain Skill Points), you will be able to use Crew Books and Free Experience. Upon reaching Level 75, Skill Points can no longer be earned, and the Elite Progression (Professional Expertise) will be unlocked for the Commander.

With each new level of Professional Expertise, the crew will receive a small increase to their vehicle handling level. This is the sign of a well-trained crew.

The crew will also receive a special progressive badge that can be applied just like any other. The badge has no national affiliation, but it will change its appearance as the crew reaches each new stage of development.


Upon investing 30 Skill Points in a specific Training Course, you will be able to choose one of the two talents that are available within that course. These are special skills that trigger when a certain situation occurs in battle and can affect the outcome.

For example, the Active Recon talent will reduce your reload time by 3% and increase your view range by 3% for 5 seconds after the start of movement. The effect is reset upon stopping. The Quick Start talent will increase vehicle acceleration and hull traverse speed by 10%. The effect is removed upon taking damage.

A talent becomes available immediately after it is unlocked, and no further investment of Skill Points is required.

It will not be possible to train all the skills and talents in a single crew’s Training Plan. For each vehicle, you will have to select the ones that best suit your individual playstyle. For the current Sandbox test, there will be a maximum of 75 Skill Points and 2 talents that can be unlocked per crew.

If you want, you can invest points in all the available skills, gradually improving each one. However, this strategy is ineffective for the following reasons:

  • Skills with only a few points invested provide an insignificant bonus to battle performance.
  • Upon investing 30 Points in a specific Training Course, you will be able to choose one of the two Talents that are available within this course.

If necessary, you can reset all, or redistribute some, of the crew’s Skill Points without losing the experience they have gained. To do this, players will need to use a Retraining Order (see more details below) or pay a certain amount of credits. This will allow you to experiment more freely with various combinations of skills and talents, adjusting crew performance in each vehicle to suit your playstyle.

Crew specialization will be displayed in the Garage as a “Skill Radar”. It will help you quickly assess the progress of each crew’s development.

Crew Training

In the new system, crews currently trained to 50 or 75% will be replaced by crews trained to 100% (for the vehicles they have been recruited for). All new crews will start off fully trained for their chosen vehicles at no extra cost. Once a crew reaches Level 10, you can train it for experience or game currency.

  • In the case of free retraining, the crew will lose some of their accumulated experience, and not the experience of their major qualification, as it works now.
  • You can opt to pay credits to reduce the amount of experience lost during retraining, or gold to prevent experience loss entirely. If you use gold to retrain the crew, you can also decide whether to reset their skills or keep their current configuration.
  • Once the crew reaches Level 10, it will cost experience or game currency to retrain them.

Moreover, players will be able to train a crew to control any two researchable and Collectors’ vehicles belonging to the same nation and vehicle type (yes, you read that right—crews will finally cease forgetting their vehicles!). New specializations will be unlocked gradually as the crew levels up and reaches certain levels. Players will be able to unlock these specializations faster by using gold.

We also want crews to be able to control any Premium vehicle of the same type and nation. In addition to unlocking and improving their skills in this area, further leveling will allow a crew to be trained for several vehicles at the same time.


All current special crew members (Snow Maidens, Chuck Norris, Battle Pass heroes, etc.) will be converted into valuable new characters: Instructors. They will provide additional Skill Points (on top of the 10-point limit) to the crew and increase the experience earned after each battle. Instructors will have a special icon next to their image in the Garage. You can assign up to four Instructors to each crew in your Garage. This functionality will be unlocked for free at Crew Levels 15, 30, 45 and 60. The more Instructors are assigned to a particular crew, the more experience it will receive after battles.

Special crew members will be assigned an Instructor Class, depending on the size of the bonus they provide:

  • Special crew members with one zero perk will be converted into a Class III Instructor.
  • Special crew members with two zero perks will become Class II Instructors.
  • Class I Instructors will be added to the game later.

You can select one of five certifications that correspond to the crew’s Training Courses (Tactics, Gunnery, Maintenance, Driver, Operations) for each Instructor, and one Instructor competence that will provide additional points on top of the standard 10 Points for one or two Crew Skills. The total number of these additional points will depend on the class of the Instructor.

Combined partner crews (Sabaton, characters from “The Boys” series, etc.) will receive four Instructors from the previous crew/band with pre-selected certifications.

Conversion of Existing Crews

One of our most challenging tasks is to offer you a clear and transparent system for the conversion of existing crews, so we will pay particular attention to it. Any ambiguous situations should be resolved exclusively in favor of the player, and the conversion process itself should be smooth and gradual. Here’s how we plan to implement this.

  • When you log into the game, any crew members in Premium vehicles who are not trained for their current vehicles will be sent to the Barracks. Incomplete crews will also be sent to the Barracks. Other crews will remain as they are and can still be sent into battle, but they will not earn experience, and their skills and perks (except for Sixth Sense, which will be available to everyone by default) will not work.
  • To take full advantage of the new system and your crew members’ skills and perks, you will need to manually retrain or reassign the crews who remain in each vehicle individually. Rather than trying to implement an automatic conversion rule for everyone, we feel it is best for you to decide for yourself how best to utilize a valuable and hard-earned resource like Crew Experience.
  • You will be able to retrain existing crew members to any qualification of any vehicle of the same nation under standard conditions for free, for credits, and for gold. When retraining a crew for free or for credits, it will lose some major qualification experience. After retraining, you can convert this crew to the new system.
  • When converting a crew manually, the total experience of all crew members in the vehicle will be divided by the number of these members. Thus, the new crew will receive some average value of all experience earned by the old crew. Depending on the amount of this experience, the new crew will immediately receive a certain Crew Level, as well the benefits that correspond to it. Thanks to this procedure, experienced crews will remain experienced in the new system.

Instructors will automatically be credited to your account immediately after logging into the game. You will receive one Instructor for each unique crew member with one or more zero perks. For some Instructors, players will be able to select a nation and certification, which provides a bonus to skills.

Directives will also be automatically converted into new ones at a 1:1 rate. However, the total number of directives for crews will be reduced to 7 types. Each new directive will allow you to invest 2 Skill Points in one corresponding skill within the Training Plan. Bonus points provided by directives are not counted towards unlocking talents.

All crew members in the Barracks who do not have enough experience to train at least one skill will no longer occupy bunks in the Barracks. They will be automatically converted to Crew Books of the corresponding nation, which can then be used to improve new crews. The total number of Crew Books you receive will depend on the total experience of all crew members in the Barracks who have less than one skill. We will make a separate calculation for each nation, and rounding will be made in the player’s favor.

All Personal Training Manuals on your account will be converted to Universal Training Manuals.

Crew members who have enough experience to train at least one skill will remain in the Barracks. You can assign them to a vehicle of your choice and convert them into a new crew.

Bunks in the Barracks will be converted to Retraining Orders at the following rate: 16 bunks = 1 Retraining Order. You will need Retraining Orders to reset all distributed Skill Points free of charge. They will allow you to experiment more freely with the crews and adjust them to suit your playstyle for each vehicle.

Since bunks in the Barracks lose their purpose in the new system, Dormitories will be introduced instead. Each vehicle slot in the Garage will automatically come with a Dormitory for the crew of its vehicle. If necessary, you can purchase additional Dormitories.

Join the Test and Share Your Feedback

Please note that all of the above is a working concept, so we need you to take an active part in the test and make your contribution to the new crew system by sharing your feedback and opinions. Once the first test is over, we will carefully analyze the feedback and statistics before sharing the test results and conclusions with you.

All elements of the new crew system in the test (including any numerical values) are not final and may be changed following the results of the test.

How to Participate

All players can join the test!
  1. Download the Sandbox launcher.
  2. Install the Sandbox client by launching the downloaded file. If you’re running the Game Center for the first time, you’ll have to authorize and restart the downloaded installation file.
  3. Wait until the Sandbox client is downloaded and installed.
  4. Open the World of Tanks tab, select World of Tanks Sandbox, and click Play.

Rewards for Participating in the Test

During the Crew 2.0 test, you will have access to a series of 5 simple missions. The completion of each mission will reward you with 2 tokens. Once all five missions are complete, the sixth and final mission in the series will become available to you. To complete it, you only need to play one battle, which will earn you 20 tokens as a reward. You can complete the entire series of missions three times during the test to earn a total of 90 tokens. The next series of missions will be available on the next game day.

Tokens will be transferred to the live servers some time after the end of the Crew 2.0 test. You can exchange tokens for rewards before the start of the next Sandbox stage. All unused tokens will be compensated at the rate of 10,000 per token.

A unique decal dedicated to each test stage will become available for exchange using tokens in the Store after each Sandbox iteration. All four decals (for the four test stages) will become available, once the last iteration is over.

You will also be able to earn one unique 2D style for participating in two or more Sandbox iterations by completing one chain of missions in each of them.

25 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Try Out Crew 2.0!

  1. Well that seems vastly complex and time consuming. No idea how a lot of its gonna work out. It seems i have to retrain 600 tank crews in my vehicles and then some few hundred in the barracks and then some others in the barracks will just vanish as they are dont have enough xp.

    So do we have to uninstall and reinstall the whole sandbox again?

  2. This is like reading an essay. I like the part where they say “we tried everything and determined a complete overhaul was needed”. Really? Because I can think of a few simple solutions to improve crew skills.

    1. What?? Changing the useless skils for few more usefulls ones?? And then the people how had grind trough 6 skills could find something not thaaat bad in the 7th??

    1. Like the front-line, no one asked for that game mode, but it got recibe will full love from the player base, same with classic ver. 0.7 with the server crashing in the first day, because the people looking for the gamemode which “no one asked for” was too much. Or maybe like the Battle Pass, no one asked for an easy grind that gives to all the f2p players credits, bonds, equipment (even bounty), unique crew member and in the top reward tanks… no one asked for that, but now people are crying because the reward tanks in the test server doesnt looks like f2p… What a bunch of fricking crybabys in the forums dude.

      1. The mechanic changes are the only important things. Everything else is generally personal preference since its just content.

        I do agree though that these crew changes are a mess especially for those of us who have tons of crews. It will make it a pain in the ass to have to sit there and minmax crews for hundreds of tanks.

  3. The changes are a complete mess, WG took a good idea and make it bad.
    First: Commander bonus does not work anymore, this is retarded.
    Second: the 75 points limit are bad, u should at least have 85 or even 115. With easy way to reach every level: so 3 talents and only 25 points more that does not reach another talent
    Need of specific “tech tree” to reach a talent: For example in some cases are okey like lights: u use more spot, more efficient crew and faster aiming when u spot someone to reach the talent “team spirit” is okey,
    But some tanks need skills from others tech trees like KV-2: repair is ok, then snap shoot and then other skills that are in other places.

    They should add the news skills to the old system and the possibility of 3 tanks per crew member thats great.
    For example: “Group tactics”? thats a great skill: Put it in the RADIO OPERATOR! that’s the reason he is even exist the same can goes for the Close combat: radio operator or even gunner.
    Team spirit: Radio operator (with a % nerf)
    Fighting spirit: all crew? or gunner.
    Thats the most usefull way, add the news skills to the old system, add the new buffs to old skills in the Old system, add the new “talents” as old skills with a nerf and u can go in peace

    1. “The changes are a complete mess” This guy its about to talk in a serious way about the system or the convertion, the fundaments of this… wait a second… he will just search for minor bad changes and say all its bad… what a surprise..

      The idea its good.
      The convertion (at least with the high skilles crews i have tried) its good i have the xp from my female and unique crews and a lot of trainer.
      The new skills are in general good, some are kind of “too” situational, and some axpects of the game who i was hoping to change, didnt change.
      The trainers are good, you can buff some weak crews for free
      Having the chance to use a crew in 3 tanks its amazing
      The new customization for trainers and commanders looks nice, and not talking about that extra XP.
      No more crews at 50 or 75%, finally that painfull grind has end.

      Now, the “fundamental” changes you have complained about.

      1st: No commander bonus… well, all the new skills are kind of commander bonus, its not that retarded i guess…
      2nd: 75 points are bad, i agree, its exactly 1/3 of the options, we need more.
      3rd: Its not that big problem from my point of view, increasing the number of points might solve that
      4th: putting new skills in the current system means no changes, BIA, Repairs, cammo will stay at the first places, if you want to have one of the new skills without the new system you will need to grind trought like 6-7 skills before .-.

      Well, now it looks like a really nice change to me, increase the number of points and the reward for high skilled crews, tune few skills and this should be a really nice change.

      1. 1st: i mean the bonus to the main role, for example my KV-2 have better aiming for the 10% plus the commander gives to all the crew included the gunner: When the commander is injuried it does not give the bonus. I prefer to keep this bonus even if they applied the new system.

        ”BIA, Repairs, cammo will stay at the first places, if you want to have one of the new skills without the new system you will need to grind trought like 6-7 skills before .-.”

        Not at all if they do it properly, you can make the new bonuses better in some aspects and worst in others. As i will point later: nerves of steel a better skill for heavies than cammo. And it should demand u to have it in all the crew members

        Also as i said below in other place: in my old Pz3J i have like 6 skills working in the old system:
        With the new one they give me 26 points with them i can oly max 2: Why?? they make every skill work like Repairs cammo and more in their convertion.

        In the old system the Snap shoot was a gunner skill: in the new one it requieres 10 points to give u the same bonus as before but to at least reach ten points u will need all the 5 members with around 100% first skill.

        So 2 skills en every crew member (at 100%) = 25 points of the new system. With 25 points i put 10 on cammo as before (was 100%) and then i put 10 on snap shoot (at it was around 100%) i will have left only 5 points than is less a lot less than the old system where i have: cammo, snap shoot, some driver skill, more view in radio operator, and other thing in loader.

        6 skills vs only 2,5

        If they put the new system, it does not feel right that the new BIA (Coherence) gives u 5% and Group tactics give u only 2,5%: They cost the same, GT is not always active, and gives u less bonus?? If that skill comes to live they should work the opposite way:
        If they cost the same, the one who is not always active should give u more bonus not less.

        Also not to mention the old skills that i lost: Focus fire (does not work the same now), and the one that gives u more seconds of spot after death.

        in my opinion if they do the new system that i does not like:

        1st: Add the old skills that are no where around, and the bonus to the crew role if they are not performed by the commander.

        2nd: Dont put talents in a specific branch of skills, do it simpler one applied a specific amounts of point u will have acces to one of your choise but u cant choise both of more firepower, or tacitcs:
        Its either way Fighting spirit or Teamplay Spirit

        3rd: Make the skills dont cost the same so the compensation of changes in system be good enought: Bia(coherence), Cammo, rapair etc etc: cost 5 to max them, the old skills that are 1 crew member skill should cost 1 point:

        So: if they use 5 crew members with 100% skill they give 5 points that u Can apply them in 5 skills that cost 1 point or go for the skills that cost 5 points and are more progressive = cammo,reparit etc etc.

        4th: some skills needs really to get buffed like Group tactics or the other one that is the same but with an enemy.

        5th: The selection of instructors are mostly done by RNG it will be bad for people with low numbers of them. I want to make a specific bonus for my instructor: like the crew works….

        6th: the instructor should work for more than 1 crew: it Should work for 3/4 crews and every crew will work for 3/4 tanks. Or if u want dont make it follow the crew but have the same option to use them when ever u want. I want my instructors work for my leo and my E-50M i dont want it to work with all the panther line if i have to choose one of them, and no i dont think leo and E-50M share crew so well more with the current 75points limit.

        Easy way??

        1st: add the new skills to the old sytem. Gives u resets for crews and u can go in peace.

        2nd: Buff/nerf them as you need: make them give u a smaller bonus but make it requieres only 1 member to have it, or the other way all to have it. “Group Tactics” should be the skill for radio operators. Yea in all the heavies will work better than the one that gives u view range i will change it with no doubt.

        3rd: For some of theme and some “talens” make it like BIA, all the crew members should have it so: nerves of stell u need it to have it in all the crew members.

        4th: Buff the skills you are buffing i am okey with that. Like Smooth ride.

        So as u can see the new system is really bad implemented and the good things it have are the new skills nothing more. I prefer the old system with new skills and changes in some of theme.

  4. Just came back from spending a few hours playing and, on the whole, I think it’s a real advance on what we have now. Though if you were highly invested in your old crews it is a bit traumatizing at first….particularly the all-female crews that took so long to acquire.

    I think this is the future so the main thing is to have your crews basically in order before the relevant patch comes so you can just hit the “convert” button without thinking about it too much.

    The biggest issue I can think of is that keeping a cadre of decent crews around when you get a new tank…I think training a commander to several different tanks is going to turn out to be overrated…and it will be as expensive as training a whole new 100% crew. Your mileage may differ

    1. You forget to mention a lot of things and u see you lost a lot of skills. In the new system every skill work as it is rapair or cammo.
      – Snap shoot?? now it will cost u 10 points to give you the same amount of bonus as before, but before u will need only to have it in the gunner meanwhile in the driver you have Smooth ride, and then u have situational awareness in the radio operator and safe stowage in the loader.
      You lost 5 or 4 skills (depends the ammount of crew members per tank) to have 10 points that will let you have only 1 skill in the new system
      So basically change 5 skills for 1: 4 less skills seems like a nerf.

  5. Not an improvement after all. The 75 Points are merely enough to compensate the crew performance in its old glory. To let the crew use a new tank, it will cost 750 Gold.
    And nowhere how much xp the crew gets. if i got i.e. 1000 xp and have 5 men, it means in total 5000 xp to the crew. but now? Idk. The basic idea might be goot, but in its actual state its a total mess and no improvement at all.

    1. Also, the other problem is that: in the new system; Every skill count as it requiere a full crew to have it to work.
      For example my Pz3J 2 skills: 1° all with cammo, 2° a mix of different skills (at 80%)
      1° Cammo, 2° commander view ranger, 3° snapshoot 4° 4° driving skill 5° radio operator view ranger, 6° repair in loader i think.
      So in total i have: 6 different skills yea.

      With the new system they give me 25 Points, if i go full on cammo i lost 10 points that will be mostly the same as i have.
      But if i have to max snapshoot that will cost me another 10 points, and yet i does not put anypoint for view range.
      If i put view ranger i put only 5 points so not fulled and good bye to the driving skill, radio operator view ranger, and the little rapair skill.
      So in sandbox i only reach 2,5 skills from a crew that i have 6 skills…

      The cost of points for skills are broken: They should give u 1 point per 100% crew skill. So in my example
      first skill in 5 crew member = 5 points
      Second skill in 5 crew member = 5 points
      BUT: the skills should cost 1 point for every normal skill like snapshoot and 5 for the old rapair, cammo, Fire… BIA, etc etc.

      So if i have 2 skills X5 crew members= 10 points
      I use 5 points to max cammo like in the current set up, and then i have 5 more to expend in the mix, 1 for snap shoot (yea it should cost only 1) , 1 for view range for commander, 1 for view range of radio operator, 1 for driving skill, and 1 for repair (yea it cost five to max it but i does not have it)

      So in that exchange i does not lost any skill, and the Maximum amount of points should not exist maybe a total amount of talents.

      In other aspects i like the little buff to old skills and the new skills, and maybe if the new system is not aplied (i wish it not) we could have the new ones

      For example:
      -Group tactics: Radio operator PERK (yea a PERK in the old system): it gives only 2,5% not 5% like bia and u need to have some teammate near to work.
      So it gives u less bonus and is not always active so it should cost only 1 crew member at 100% and not all of them like BIA

  6. after 11 years, 45k games in tanks 5k games in ships, 3k games in planes, i’ve already pretty much stopped playing.
    I can only manage about 2-3 games of ships a week.

    Bad mental health issues develop when I look at the “battle” buttons, or see a tank garage or ship port.

  7. A revised crew skill tree is fine though under the 2.0 system they have right now it’s easy to make ridiculously OP vehicles. Free 6th sense dumbs down the game. Moving crews between non-premium vehicles also dumbs down the game and moves things more in the direction of power creep. Speaking of dumb, crew instructors are dumb as dirt. In the first place it’s a dumb concept, why on earth would a veteran tank crew have all these instructors hanging around? It’s awful for flavor and immersion. At least call them something else, “crew” or “elite crew” would make more sense. For another thing unique crew members should at least have the option to be commanders. Having one crew member in the garage is also dumb, it doesn’t simplify anything(as you can see the new skill tree is hugely complex) and removes a lot of personalization. Ever since they proposed crew 2.0 it’s made me feel like the game is going in a dumb direction and I went from playing hours every day to only a few games a week, mostly because I feel like it’s kind of pointless to keep grinding a game that’s likely to get worse.

    1. The instructors are one of the worst thing they made with 2.0.
      You cant choose the skill u want to buff, you cant use it for more crews, they are a real buff to one that have a lot of them, spend a lot of them in trying to get the things i want like more view range for lights

      The new skill that removes u both minimum and maximum damage, its stupid, if you want to lower RNG i am totally in but make it for every one and in all the tanks: Only 10% or 15% RNG not 25%.

  8. Had a look on the sandbox server yesterday.

    This does not seem bad, but it feels unnecessary. WG could’ve just left the old system as it was (the new one is far less intuitive imho), removed useless skills, and added new and more useful ones (afaik the console version of the game and Blitz have different ones compared to the PC version). I sincerely doubt this would’ve required a lot of time and effort.

    Also, the new system seems to put long time players in a tough spot. Imagine having 200+ tanks, each with their crew, and having to go through every one of them to manually convert the crews to the new format, redistribute skill points, think where to use crew books and where not to, and so on.

    1. Totally agreed they can keep things like now and just add new skills.
      Also in the new system Focus fire is gone (it changes a lot) and call for vangeance is gone, i want this skills to stay as they are

    2. 165 tanks here, play a lot of variety and by just thinking to “convert the crew” of every tank I’m bored already

  9. Really WG should listen here or they can mess up. Some changes are good like the add of new skills and the improvement of some others, also 6th sense for everyone is good for the new players. But really, convert manually all the crews, expend 750 gold to use the crew in other tech tree tanks (screw the F2P players), the fact that some people have 5+ crew skills and they will be gone it’s just mental.

    It would be easier if WG added new perks, improved some others and gave 6th to everyone, also a decrease in the XP needed to get a perk to 100% would be nice.

    From my point of view, the new system is messy at the moment. It need further work.

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