Sandbox 2021: Crew 2.0 Release Date

If everything goes according to plan, on Tuesday, February 23, the second stage of the Sandbox server will start. During the tests in Sandbox, we will be able to test Crew 2.0.

Reworked Crew 2.0 – New and reworked skills and perks, a new system for Crews and their progression, and a new training feature. You will also learn how your current crews will be adapted to the new system.

38 thoughts on “Sandbox 2021: Crew 2.0 Release Date

  1. I’m very exited for this. Finally, single crew for several tanks of the same line and more diverse perks. No more odd radio man who was trained and later just can’t be fitted to higher tiers.

    1. Yep i think it will be interesting. Mostly because of more perks.
      Also will be easy to lvl a good crew for a 2 crew tanks like the manticore, i have to use 1 Santa and 1 snow maiden to have at least 4 or 5 skills on them.
      Now they will be great crew trainers (or something like that), i think it will going to be funny with all that perks

  2. Making sixth sense a standard game feature and revisiting the crew skills seems like a good idea. The whole progression system could also be interesting. But I really don’t like that they’re replacing the different crew members with just one commander. Personally I think it was a nice feature to manage the entire crew and not just an abstraction of it.
    Also I really don’t understand how WG thinks. They seem to be obsessed with earning money in every other decision they take, but now they’re taking an approach that will actually earn them less money? If players can reuse their crew across multiple tanks, that means players will have to recruit and retrain less crew members, which in turn means spending less gold. I’d prefer if they kept it as it was before, one crew for one tank.

    1. No friend belive me you will have to spend more gold to learn skills and and a mistaken retrain will cost more gold

    2. I think the reason they are doing this is because with fewer new players and faster progression through tiers 5-9 due to all the bonus exp and blueprints, fewer people are playing diverse tanks in mid tiers. One of the reasons for that is that veterans won’t keep crews in those tanks unless it is their absolute favorite tank (kind of how it is for me as well). However, there are tanks I’d re-buy and play again once in a while if I can use my good crews from tier 10 in them (CS-59 for example). So this is a move to prop up diversity in the MM to extend the life of the game imo.

      1. Totally agree, they want u to expend some credits in more tanks, because other way u will never play a tier 9,8 or even a tier 7 with bad crew, veterans will like to have good crews on them

    3. If you really think WG won’t implement something to earn even more money or at least same.. then you are naive. Plus many players will lose a lot, since they trained their crews hard way and have many tanks with all tankers with 0 perks…so let’s see. I do not believe WG will give something for free and there will not be something you will be forced to pay for. Millions and millions of exps invested in crews will be gone, that is for sure.

  3. I play this game for 10 years. WG fcks up the more and more over the last few years but i’m still playing. If wg fcks up Crew 2.0 i will finally be gone.

    1. I share this view – long time player also, and if they wreck the diversity of having multiple crew members and make it a much reduced number of crew members across the game, I think it may be a very negative thing for long time players. I have most tanks in the game all with crews – am I now going to have hundreds of spare crew I have no use for, who can’t pass their experience to others? I’ll be really pissed if I cannot use all that crew experiecne gained over so many years and that may well be the final straw for me and this game.

      1. same here – if i will be punished for playing this game long term, then I will erase my account. And will root for deleting all accounts of all my friends.
        Guess what….WG permanently disabled option to wipe accounts 😀

        So no drop in “player base”…numbers will only grow 😀

    1. Probably u will not loose them. But u will have to put the skills again on them, and thats a lot of time in a lot of tanks seems like a good change to have new skills

  4. If you want to see a trainwreck cluster fluk of crew new skills, you don’t have to go far… in fact WG own title, world of warships just recently had a crew skills reset, and its FLUKED!.

  5. With how much of a shitshow the HE “rework” has been, I don’t have much hope for this one.

    Will try anyway because I have several crews with 3 or more skills, including zero-BiA ones. How those will be reworked, and how the Santa girls and other special crew members will be redesigned, I have to see for myself.

    This is what makes or breaks the game for me. Wait and hope!

  6. Positive things from crew 2.0 sixth sense for all ,more skills and crews been able to use more than 1 tank.
    Negative replacing all our crew with a commander I don’t like this at all , please don’t!

  7. so if i spend some gold to make all my free bia(zero skill) crew members into comanders…..will i have bunch of highly trained comanders after rework?

  8. I can’t wait to see the different comment sections, like here or on youtube, explode !!
    Jokes aside, I’m very curious about how the system will transfer current crew to the new crew system…

  9. Crew Skills 2.0

    90% of veteran and 3 year+ players will be sorely pissed of if after 3 to 8 years of long LONG hard ‘HARD’ expensive (Gold for Crew XP etc) crew training is flushed away down the toilet just like ‘that’

    Most will quit and a big fuck you Wargame
    never to be seen again

    All for new/ newer players to super quick catch-up with simplistic ease of enabling 4 and 5 crew skills per Crew
    which took F___cing years the old school way

    make or break for WG

  10. We’ll see how it goes. I’m highly skeptical but I had some email exchanges with the North American commentator “WoT Guru” and he believes that players will be pleasantly surprised. This is keeping in mind that he’s been playing the game for years and seems to be a functional adult!

  11. I am curious, but I am also very skeptical of this crew 2.0. I would prefer incremental changes, not rework of a system that works well and is not the element holding back the game after 10 years. Some suggested changes, like universal 6th sense and a crew able to drive more than one tank are surely welcome. But this shouldn’t require a complete rework. WG can add a few more skills, tweak some of the useless/redundant ones, and reset the crews so people can re-spec, while each crew able to at least drive the last two tanks in the line (so a Tier 10 crew can drive the Tier 9 and 8 in its line).

    @ Seb – mate any news on the Black Market?

  12. I like(d) building crews, wasting tons of credits/gold/time. So now after almost 10y have a horde riding my tanks.If crew 2.0 means resetting all that, its bye-bye from me. My guess is that WG does not care, many old players left already anyways or got most tanks, thus wont spend as much as a newbie .
    Everything is to make it easy for new players – grinding a new crew is so easy nowadays compared to the “good old times” but even that seems to complicated. ONE crewmember for a tank ? Sounds really immersive. My only hope is that there will be a real shitstorm coming and WG will rethink, which will happen if enough russian players complain ^^.

    1. yea because a family member is guilty of someone else’s action. I wonder how you are not dead from covid or chlorine… I heard is good for idiots, you should try it.

  13. Situational awareness for free just waters down the game. If you want to share crews between multiple tanks that’s what premiums are for. Adjusting crew skills and/or adding more to the game would be fine. Losing unique commanders for the ridiculous instructor concept is awful.

  14. I don’t understand where so much negativity comes from? All that has shown quite positive, the conditions for the conversion of crews are not known. If the conversion doesn’t hurt the players, then everything will be fine.

  15. The issue of crew skills stems from the MM not being able to differentiate a 7 skill crew player from a 0 skill crew player, this creates huge imbalances in “random” teams.

    Rather than recode a new MM algorithm, would you believe, this crew rework is easier?.
    And WG get to make much more money from players.

    Win-Win for WG, Lose-Lose for the patron.

  16. I used to play WOT for hours every day, since they proposed crew 2.0 I lost a lot of enthusiasm and haven’t played for several days now. It’s just not as much fun when they’re removing things I like from the game, such as unique commanders, and adding stupid stuff like instructors instead. Watering down the game by steadily making it easier for new players to get high level stuff like tier X tanks and highly skilled crews also makes playing more pointless and less fun yet it’s still of very limited use to the new players because they won’t know how to use any of that high level stuff. Meanwhile they’re busy making tanks with OP armor even more OP against players that don’t spend a lot of money on the game by nerfing HE which was always the low cost alternative to premium ammo. Then we’ve got the butt ugly camos for battle pass which is a real shame because they’ve made some gorgeous camos in the past and I even like some of the non-historical stuff just for fun and variety. This newest batch of camo looks like they just phoned it in. There’s always somebody complaining about changes in the game, honestly I think most of it is just resistance to change itself plus people wanting their favorite stuff to be OP but lately they’ve been pushing a lot of changes that just really look detrimental to just about everybody.

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