5 thoughts on “WoT Battle Pass Season 4: Style Sets Pictures

  1. this flashy artsy crap will never do it for me. does anyone actually want or like this?
    I’d prefer real life camo patterns of different nations and military theaters.
    I’d pay and grind for stuff that commemorates real life military units and events, not to have my tank fingerpainted by belarussian special-needs school kids.

    Armored Warfare has flashy crap too, but their RL camos are waaaaay nicer that the turd stains WG is offering.

    1. Just hide it bruh
      Lost of players don’t mind it.

      If you want realism go to War Thunder

  2. Well, man, I don’t like them either… But I hate to see ugly cancer Soviet star / Soviet green…

    So, this at least help a bit by hiding that crap.

    1. For some time now you can remove the star from the vehicle. Click on the star on the vehicle, when you are in the section “emblems”, and then you can choose to remove it from the vehicle.

  3. Very uninspiring. Made worse by being all season so cant have chosen decals or emblems.

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