Supertest: Sommar Map 2nd Iteration

Here are the changes to the map Sommar, let us know what you think!

General description:

  • Map size: 1,000х1,000 m
  • Mode: Standard Battle
  • Setting: summer



  1. A town with narrow streets suitable for slow, well-armoured vehicles.
  2. Hills with scarce vegetation and lack of cover for manoeuvrable vehicles and for playing from the distance. The team that controls this area gets access to hill 3.
  3. A hill with vegetation and cover with good lines of fire at area 1.
  4. A bog with dense, high grass. An additional line that allows for sneaking to the enemy’s rear.

The following changes were made after the supertest:

  • Field 2 was completely reworked.
  • Hill 3 was improved significantly to make the gameplay less chaotic.
  • In Town 1, the crossroads were widened, a safe passage to zone 3 was added, a line of fire under the bridge in zone 4 was added. The exits from the town towards the bases became a bit safer.
  • Minor fixes in different spots.
Before/After Screenshots

Up-to-date Screenshots

3 thoughts on “Supertest: Sommar Map 2nd Iteration

  1. “Hill 3 was improved significantly to make the gameplay less chaotic”
    Translation: Lets remove most of it and add plain and open space! Suuuuuuure! Exactly what is needed! Christ…..

  2. The 1st iteration IMO looks to be the better version of this map by a country mile.
    It only needs some minor cover added, on the route from the town to the central hill.

    The 2nd iteration changes make most of the map area’s into a to much mirrored design, with some non desirable hard corridors and open flat fields surrounded by toxic TD locations.
    Compared to 1sty iteration, the 2nd too linear in design and bush placement looks too artificially mirrored.

    1. in my opinion, there is no space for light armored td on 1st map. (except near the cap) the rocks between zones 2 and 3 + the rocks in the center of zone 2 was helped mt’s front line. However, i think wg judged that rocks of 2,3 zone are interrupting obstacle for td support shooting.

      So, on the 2nd map, if mt want aggressive move, they have to really lisk move that will never come back. Well, typical map balancing for tank fishing simulator players.😋

      I dont like this direction of map balancing too, but there is many td players out theres, so i understand wg’s struggle.

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