Black Market Returning – End of February

The admin of the WoT VKontakte official community answers:

Q: Dmitry Novikov , when will the Black Market come?

A: The next games of the Russian Football Championship will start on February 26 with the game Tambov – Rotor.

23 thoughts on “Black Market Returning – End of February

  1. So they ask about black market and he replies about some Russki football. What am i supposed to read in that?

    1. … that he is not allowed to say anything about it, but his answer is the indication of when the BM will come

  2. Feb. 26. Noted. BM is when I generally pick up a few T8s for credits each year for Frontlines. Sadly, WG has nerfed FL and all my dozen T8s are gathering dust.

      1. 5-6 T8 premiums I use mostly, along with 3-4 regular T8s that I am grinding. Some others, as backups for situations. A few are obsolete like my old T34 (US). That thing is worse than garbage in current WOT.

  3. We need the WT auf E 100 (G) in this Black Market or T-22 Medium or something dope. Maybe Aufklärungspanzer! GIVE US SOMETHING COOL!

    1. There was a leak a few weeks back about the tanks and if it is auction or limited tanks market . We will have to wait and see if it is accurate or not.

    2. About 2 months ago the offers were leaked (no guarantees though…)
      – Renegade
      – Type-62
      – Object 703 Type II
      – 105 leFH18B2 (french tier 5 arty)
      – TL-1LPC
      – M4A10 FL10
      – Object 274a
      – IS-2M
      – T78
      – A-32 (Super rare! Never seen it for sale in my 9 years in game!)
      – Senlac
      – Strv 81 (Primo Victoria without clown camo)
      – T-103
      – Bourasque

    3. Nothing wrong with the T22 since its only a meme tank for blocking damage.

      The waffle however needs to stay on the Chinese server where they don’t care about game balance. Now before you chime in with “but what about the 279e or the chieftain which break the game balance. To that I say there are actually unreleased broken tanks more OP than those which you can get on the Chinese server.

    1. Logic and semantic like this will fuck up our earth. And you wonder why someone can drink chlorine for covid….

  4. Black Market, starting on a friday?
    That’d be a first.
    The other times we had it, it started on thursdays.

    1. Thursday is basically when Black Friday starts for retail companies because they don’t care about Americans being with their families on thanksgiving.

  5. I dont see any connection between the question and answer. Would you start an article saying “Black Market returns in June” if he would have answered “Summer begins 21st of June?

  6. I guess if WOT makes again black market with auctions, they will be blocked in Belgium AGAIN because the betting system is not alowed LOL

  7. Thank you. At least, we have a date to save some credits or gold or whatever it will be

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