WoT Team Clash 2021 – CPU overload problem

There are reports of increased CPU usage after joining the Team Clash 2021.

WGRU developers have the following message:

“You may currently encounter an issue in the game that causes an increased CPU usage after choosing a team in Blogger Team Clash 2021.

As a temporary solution, developers recommend that you further reduce the graphics settings in the game, and also close other applications before starting the client. “

18 thoughts on “WoT Team Clash 2021 – CPU overload problem

  1. Never noticed any hiccups myself, and I’m running the game on a fairly old laptop :0 Even did it with Chrome and 2 other things running in the background today, didn’t seem out of the ordinary in any way

  2. Oh well, thats why i have eight core Ryzen 2700 for some time now..
    not the fastest one FPS wise, but it cant be so easily overwhelmed by problems like these or more demanding situations ..

  3. Awesome post this explains alot … I have aida64 with stats on a screen and it displayed an increase in CPU but it didn’t matter. However my sons less power pc he was complaining about the lag and now i know why.

  4. Not sure if I noticed this, there might have been a few instances where framerate dropped rather inexplicably.

    However, reducing the graphic details does next to nothing for the CPU load and should not help with this issue.

    1. Well actually…
      If you got fairly low settings and resolution, more of the burden is put on the CPU rather than the GPU. As is better explained in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_ty-gajwoA (Gamers Nexus, best CPU for Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically the part about 1080p at medium settings)

      1. What settings should I increase if my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU? I have resolution maxed out, what else will increase the load on the GPU and reduce load on the CPU? My CPU sits at 100% usage while my GPU stays below 35% when playing WoT. Please help.

        1. Depends on your CPU and GPU mostly.
          There’s online “calculators” that can give a fairly good indication of what is bottlenecking what.

  5. QB does not have this issue with his top-end equipment. Maybe you should start saving money and stop crying. Some day you might afford something similar lol

    1. Imagine spending top dollar for a huge spec PC just to play WoT. LOL!

  6. No issues here even though the rig is not new, had some lagging the other day but I suppose it was my line/router having hiccups.

  7. i9-10850 and 1660Ti 100% CPU WOT support pants ! WOT takes 70% You stop other apps and it just grabs more CPU !
    WOT just says oh its normal after update. Frustrating as hell and no resolve

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