Update 1.12: First Public Test

According to Russian sources, if all goes well, between Feb 1-7 we can expect the first public test of update 1.12 to arrive. The update comes in March.

In this update, we can expect a rebalance of these Tier VIII premium tanks: STG, STG Guard, T26E4 SuperPersching, STA-2 and T-34-3.

12 thoughts on “Update 1.12: First Public Test

    1. Nah bro, CDC is all fine and good super awesome gunhandling and armor fitting nowadays he meta ebrs 👌

  1. First news about this was released months ago. So it takes Wargaming only – what – six months to buff a whopping four tanks? Great job. So if we’re lucky, we might even see another round of four by the end of the year … Yay!

    Seriously, what is wrong with these people? Why does this take so effing long? Do these people really think the STA 2 will be op all of a sudden just because it gets 20 more meters of view range, or the Super Pershing just because it gets a moderate increase in engine power? Do they expect the STG to outperform the Progetto 46 just because it gets slight improve in gun performance? Jeeeeez …

  2. well KV5 gold ammo, WZ111/112 standart ammo and Type 59 upper plate buffs welcomed

    but not planned


    1. Type 59 is at par/better than most t8 meds and it still sees only t9 max, so it’s fine. KV-5 and 112/111 buffs sure. Cdc is in dire need of some help, would also argue IS-6 is pretty meh. T34 has like nothing going for it anymore, and tbh I never enjoyed it even in its heyday.

  3. Why the fuck do they bother with these tests. WG no listen to feedback so just get the buffs done bitches

  4. yeah how about some of the dreadful tech tree tanks that have been due a buff for the best part of 4 or 5 years? no ok then

  5. The infromations is wrong,that mean the test will be in the miidle of february and the realise will be 1-7 march !

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