Supertest: Canyon Map Redesign

We have an update from the Supertest for you!

Introducing the redesigned prototype of the Canyon map.

General Description

  • Map size: 1000×1000 meters.
  • Game mode: Standard Battle.
  • Setting: Canyon.


Gameplay areas description:

  1. Heavy-tank-oriented positions that can be played in both heavily and lightly armoured vehicles.
  2. High ground that allows control over a major part of the map.
  3. Tank-destroyer-oriented positions created to hold off enemy attacks.
  4. The semi-open space allows control over the paths to positions 2 and 5, as well as a part of position 3.
  5. Medium-tank-oriented positions created in irregular terrain.


4 thoughts on “Supertest: Canyon Map Redesign

  1. not bad. hope it won’t be too flat. I want to see many dunes, hills and wadis to allow for a variety of flanking maneuvers only a non-corridor map can provide, and an almost 100% accessibility of the maps area would be nice.

  2. Hey I think I remembered this map. Wasnt this one of the 2 maps along with nebelburg back in the sandbox when WG were testing grand battles ?

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