Update 1.11.1: 122 TM

In Update 1.11.1, the “hidden” status for the Chinese 122 TM was removed and the tank’s gold price was changed from 100 to 8,450 gold.

The tank is ready for release.

According to wotclue, it will be the only new tank to be released in this update. It could possibly be a future marathon reward.

32 thoughts on “Update 1.11.1: 122 TM

  1. Screw WG and their marathon shit, wish they’d revert back to the usual standard / bloated / super bloated format that was the norm before Progetto 46 set the new trend.

    1. yeah screw them for giving free to play players a shot on getting a good premium tank for free. how dare they!

      (are you actually retarded or something?)

      1. (are you actually retarded or something?)

        I should ask the same.

        Every time someone complains, some people make a big fuss over these kind of grinds – “it’s free!” or “It’s available to everyone!” and other such shit.

        You see, the truth is, these grinds (marathons, personal missions, CW rewards) are NOT for everyone. They often (often? more like always, WG does not give out good stuff for free) require an ungodly amount of commitment, or a combination of commitment and skill, that not many can provide.

        Therefore, until the day comes where it is realistically possible for ALL PLAYERS (not counting the worst tomatos, and I mean 40% average and lower) to consistently win these grinds and get free stuff, take your claim and shove it.

        1. As someone who has played since late 2011 I tend to just laugh at those wanting things to be made easier. 8 to 9 years ago you would be lucky to even get one multiplier event every month with no credit/equipment discounts, no personal reserves, no blueprint fragments to skip tank grinds, etc. Nowadays WG throws so much free shit at the playerbase, events every month with tons of rewards, and Frontline to credit grinding that you don’t even need to wish you had prem time.

          Frankly the playerbase should whine a little less about the marathons considering those are designed to make money and not cater to the free players. WG already gives free players TONS of good shit.

          1. TONS of good shit

            The only “free” stuff that truly matters is credit boosters, and those most of the time are part of bundles or locked behind paywalls – see marathons and Battle Pass.

            Also, WG clamped down on blueprints, hard. And let’s not forget Tank Rewards has been shut down.

            1. Credit boosters are only a marginal reward compared to other stuff you can get from events. Even Frontline gives you a nice amount of boosters to enjoy when that event is running.

              Also Tank Rewards was halted same as it always is around this time of the year when they have events going from the holiday season into when they do CW right after. They will eventually start it back up again same with the Battle Passses which they’ve halted.

    2. The grind for free tier 8 premiums should be hard, a tier 8 premium tank is the best reward in the game. I think it says a lot about the decadence of modern society that people get angry when they can’t get all the best stuff for little effort. You can get tier 7 and lower tanks for free with a lot less effort from other things like the Referral Program or Tank Rewards. There’s a lot of tier 6 and 7 premiums that are competitive, tons of fun to play and they even make respectable credits. For that matter you can get a free tier 8 premium from Referral Program if you’re the recruiter and there’s months to complete the grinding. I earned my first tier 8 tank using a tier 6 tank I won from Tank Rewards and it felt great to do that.

      People should really stop crapping on WG all the time, there’s things in the game that frustrate me too but at the end of the day they made a compelling game they let us play for little or no cost if we want and they give us ample opportunity to get tons of great stuff for free. There are many bad things in the world, WOT isn’t one of them.

  2. If this is a marathon tank it will the first marathon I will actively try to finish since the TS-5.

  3. nice self-taunt by WG with these covered launchers, knowing that in AW as well as in WT, vehicles have actually working missile and grenade launchers as well as functioning MGs in addition.

    1. WG stated several times that they dont want modern shit in their games. And, as we see in AW, it is good that WG dont want it. It would ruin gameplay (insert useless joke about arty and EBRs). WoT is an action-tactic-shooter. The other two you mentioned are simulations. Learn the difference.

      1. WG doesn’t want things that are too difficult for them to program.
        WoT Blitz Sheridan ATGM much?
        Learn what ‘simulation’ means.
        are you for real? go action-tactic-shoot yourself.

    2. I thought working machineguns would be cool too until I realized that they would be ineffective against most vehicles in this game. The largest caliber machineguns might do some damage to the least armored vehicles, primarily lights and spg’s. They’re already kind of represented as the main armament on low tier vehicles.

  4. The detailed stats are slightly different, but the concept of this tank is the same as t34 ht. hulldown with high penetration precision gun.

    This tank is faster than t34 despite its poor terrain resistance. Dpm is worst, but total gun handling is better than t34. Base ammo is acpr with fast shell velocity. This is mt so Camo is good, too. Ok gun depression as a communist tank. Except for Cupola’s weaknesses, many things look better than t34 ht.

    a tank that can be used as an simple game play “just hulldown”.

    Man, i think performance of this tank is the future that t34 ht should have had now a days. But rather than upgrading the t34 ht for free, wg built a new tank.

    1. I converted t34 ht into credit in my garage a long time ago. However, it is sad to see my old friend who was reliable in the past when I was a beginner completely turned into a museum junk.

      I know that upgrading tanks sold to players in the past requires development resources of wg, so the company loses money.

      Then how about providing at least 3D style to t34 ht? It’s a tank that was loved a lot in the past, so many players will own it, and won’t the sales come out okay? If 3D style is released, I will buy style by recovering t34 ht.

    2. I think the fact that the 122TM is a MEDIUM TANK should be highlighted more.

      I agree with your comparison with the T34 heavy (core concept of a hulldowner with high alpha/pen and low DPM is the same), but whereas T34 needs a HT slot in the MM, the 122TM will require a MT slot. Plus the armor is actually stupid good for MT standards, even though it has hittable cupolas that are weakly armored.

      tl;dr – you’re bringing in a medium tank with the armor and firepower of a heavy, and chances are your opposite on the enemy team won’t have such luxuries.

      1. agree with you. T34 ht, cdc, 88 jaggertier… this kind of poor prem tanks are really bad for team, beside if enemy team have multi purpose hybrid class tank(like boraq, gsor, e75 ts) then contrast is much more bigger.

        Perfect balance control of Pvp games is practically impossible, and wg cannot nerf the prem tank. Then I think the answer is to constantly find a weak tank and buff it. Most Tech tree tanks, and even Tank like T34 ht or mauer is too weak even though it is a paid product. I think tanks like this Chinese tank or 7502 in Germany are the right balance points.

  5. The gun stats look good on paper. 0,31 acc and 2,41 aim time.
    BUT the soft stats are garbage.
    It has worse gun handling then 274a which needs IRM and Vstab for the gun to feel decent.
    Combined with the garbage P/W of only 15,46 compared to 274a with over 17 it is really a heavy tank in a medium tank disguise.

    1. still this ‘garbage’ will be far superior to Type 59… sad story


      1. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case.
        The Type 59 is still decent in todays meta without ever getting a significant buff after it’s release back in 2012 I think it was.
        That means a lot if you consider the T34 (which is hot garbage), Löwe (which received a significant buff and is still considered meh) or KV5 (no comment) came at the same rough time span.
        The Type 59 has this combination of armor, dpm + gun handling and mobility which makes it click for a lot of people. The cherry on top is the special matchmaking which is worth it’s weight in gold in todays meta. Just look how f*cking bad other tanks are which have SMM. (Pak43 JT88, FCM, Super Pershing, IS6 all horribad today).

        1. DPM on Type 59 is pretty average, but the overall package is just well balanced and comfortable. That is what makes it one of the better premiums even though detractors (and those who don’t want Type to be given out again) claim otherwise.

    2. This tank does not have some features of the med class, dpm, fast acceleration of 50 km/h, but turret armor forces the enemy tank to fire precise weaknesses. These turrets are characteristic of heavy classes or t10 med. Therefore, we can make this tank fight at the front line like heavy class. In heavy classes, 0.19 performance is not a worst. I know 274a is also have good turret armor, but 274a doesn’t have enough gun depression, so this tanks more flexible on line selection.

      But you’re right. Dpm is very low and aim circle is huge. The tank’s acceleration will be bad because of Terrain resistance. I’m sure unicorns don’t like this tank

      1. I see where you are coming from.
        It’s a hybrid like the 430U. With heavy armor, sluggish mobility and a gun between heavy and medium. The speed is enough to reach key positions before heavies and trade from there.
        Comaparable to 430U or 277 to an extent.
        I don’t really enjoy this kind of playstyle nor do I like mediums with heavy gun handling (the 430U is an exemption) so I will pass but a lot of the playerbase could enjoy this vehicle I think

    1. Battle Pass does not give new premiums, only 3D styles for existing Tier 10s. Most likely a marathon tank.

      1. We don’t know that for sure because WG is reworking the battle pass in supertest right now. No one knows for sure what rewards will be in it after the rework.

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