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The existing in-game Platoon system in World of Tanks has been around for years, but some of its options are a bit limited, especially when you want to find the most suitable players to play with. As a result, we decided to visually rework and build up the current Platoon system by making it more functional, efficient, and convenient. Let’s see how it will work.

Find Platoon Members Easily

After the release of Update 1.11.1, you will be able to fight in a Platoon with players from your friends list by clicking the “New Platoon” button just like before, or using the new “Find Players” feature to automatically form a Platoon.

You can use the new system to automatically find players who best fit your Platoon, scored according to the following search criteria:

  • Current Global World of Tanks Rating (*WTR). The system will first select players that differ from you by ≤500 WTR. If no suitable tankers are found, the search will expand to include players with a greater difference in ratings.
  • Number of available vehicles in your preferred tiers. You can select several vehicle tiers to find players who will best suit your Platoon’s composition. For example, players with Tier VIII or X tanks. Only battle-ready tanks will be counted. This scoring will be done separately for each tier, and players with more tanks of your chosen tier are more likely to be matched.
  • Number of battles in each of your selected tiers. Selected tiers will also be expanded after a while in the search.
  • Voice chat enabled or disabled. If you activate this option, you can still mute individual Platoon players.
  • Clan members. You are more likely to be matched to members of your clan who meet the above criteria.

After exiting the Platoon search function when searching for an existing Platoon as a solo player, there will be a short cooldown period before you can use it again.

Remember, you will still need to manually select the tank you want to use before entering battle; the matchmaker will not automatically pick one for you, even if you have enabled the vehicle search filters.

In 2017, we introduced WTR, a rating system which calculates an individual rating for each tank. These vehicle-specific scores are then used to assess a player’s overall performance.

The dynamic Platoon icon at the top of your screen will change to show your Platoon status: player search in progress, ready for battle, and so on.

Excluded Maps

Nothing will change—Platoon members’ Excluded Maps will continue to be overridden by the Platoon leader’s map list while they are part of that Platoon.

Show Off Your Customizations!

The new system will allow you to view your Platoon mates’ chosen vehicles with their camos, decals, emblems, and other customizations right in your Garage. This works both ways, so make sure your tanks are dressed their best! You can also switch off the display of Platoon members’ non-historical customization elements if you prefer.

Vehicle visualization will only be available in the standard Garage while game events are not running. You can disable this option manually in the game settings.

Communication in the New System

A hotkey mapped to the H button will be available to mute/unmute Platoon voice chat. This mute functionality can also be controlled with the new button that we added in the platoon window. Voice chat will be disabled by default for dynamic Platoons.

The Existing System

All these additional new options do not replace current Platoon functionality, and Platoon bonuses such as the credit bonus provided by WoT Premium Account will continue to be in effect. Everything in the updated system will work as before, so you can simply use the new features to enhance your platooning experience, such as when you need to find a third player to fill an empty slot.

Searching for players in the existing system will still cancel all your open invites. Players who left a Platoon or were removed from it by the commander won’t be matched to that same Platoon by the search function again.

We currently aim to introduce the Platoon 2.0 system in Random Battles. Be sure to share your feedback and impressions, as we need them to further improve and expand its functionality!

9 thoughts on “WoT: Platoon 2.0 Info

  1. As long as the assisted finding of platoon members does not feature a ‘no jerks’ option I probably won’t use it. I have had enough negative experiences with the group finder in WoW to last me a lifetime.

  2. Wot has a long Ttk. Team play is much more efficient and fun than other shooting games.

    Wargaming has always encouraged Clan Wars. However, some people are burdened with Clan content that invests relatively long hours. So, wg recently created a system that can contribute to the Clan only through random battles.

    This update is looks same. update that allows casual players to enjoy team play much easier. Sounds good. And, well, maybe wg wants players who put fun on new platoon system to be interested in Clan War.

  3. The voice chat is mapped to H key. Are they saying this is an inbuilt live chat rather than a crappy push to talk?

  4. Wargaming is not telling everything about Platoon 2.0. Several CC’s and WG staff has said that Platoon 2.0 will limit size of platoons to 2 players. Which will be a game breaker for me and many others…..I expect to see an article of that here soon!

    1. Are you illiterate, blind, deaf or all three of those?
      And who are those CCs and “WG Staff”?

  5. But the video shows you n 2 others as it shows their tanks in your garage. Maybe thats what they mean.

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