Download Sandbox v2: Order of War

The sandbox test server can be updated. The update introduces the experimental Order of War event.

P.S. This is a completely new game client, so you need to reinstall Sandbox v2. Your application needs to be approved first. The server will last from 21 (afternoon) to 28 January. You can apply here: until January 28th.

Size (SD): 15.90 GB
Installation size on computer (SD): 50.09 GB
Size (HD): 25.70 GB
Installation size on computer (HD): 76.95 GB

Installation via Wargaming Game Center only. Steps:

All games;
Install the game by ID;

3 thoughts on “Download Sandbox v2: Order of War

  1. Wish they would give a download link to those who already have access to the sandbox server from previous tests. I had to uninstall sandbox to clear up space on my hardrive and would like to try out this mode.

  2. massive resources sink in the form of a mode that will get boring after 2 days….gj WG

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