Update 1.11.1: “Carnival Night” Style Set – More Pictures

Style treated as non-historical, valued at 1250 gold. Available for vehicles of all nationalities and tiers.

Description: An all-season style developed to commemorate the annual Carnival season.

In many Christian countries, Carnival is held before Lent. The celebration always includes dressing up, taking part in masquerades, and joyful performances. The tradition of parades was born in Europe. On the day of Carnival, folk would hide their faces under masks and go to the city to participate in the massive celebration, singing, dancing, and talking to people from different social groups.

Source: wotclue

6 thoughts on “Update 1.11.1: “Carnival Night” Style Set – More Pictures

  1. Soon you will have kill counter on barrel like those stupid skins from csgo. I have so many retarded skins in garage why the fuck we can’t sell them…

  2. the whole “monetisation through customisation” is going too far. we asked for this as an alternative to WG’s p2w schemes, but they just took it as an additional way to create income AND are doing a horrible job at creating customisation “content”.

  3. Look, I’m not a WG fanboy and am #walletclosed but your comment makes no sense or, more likely, I’m not understanding your point. If you don’t want them to create p2w vehicles, then they HAVE to create income from elsewhere. If it’s from clown skins, fine. I can’t see any ‘non-historical’ elements anyway.

  4. You can turn off those customizations. Why is it necessary for you to control other people and stop WG from making money by giving other people what they want that won’t affect you? Is you actual life really that miserable that you need to control people on the internet, you sad little whiner?

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