Holiday Ops 2021 Event Extension

The New Year has come, but that doesn’t mean that the holiday fun is coming to an end. Our joyful festivities will go on until the end of January, until the release of Update 1.11.1. Make sure you get to Festive Atmosphere Level X before Holiday Ops ends on January 11 to maximize your benefits from the Event Extension and take full advantage of your Holiday Ops vehicles branch!

Complete Missions From Chuck and Gather the 2018-2021 Collections!

Complete Missions From Chuck by January 11 and grab all the sweet rewards they offer, including unique customization items and Chuck Norris himself as a unique tank commander. He comes with three skills/perks (Sixth Sense, Repairs, and Brothers in Arms as a zero perk) and enough experience to learn a fourth skill or perk of your choice.

Remember, all missions can be completed simultaneously. If you missed several missions or recently started playing the event, you still have a good chance of earning all of Chuck’s rewards and reaching Festive Atmosphere Level X. Don’t miss this chance to earn almost 200 Small Boxes with decorations and in-game goodies for completing all of the Missions From Chuck!

Be sure to also complete the four Holiday Ops 2021 Collections to get your hands on all four gorgeous styles and decals for this year. If you’ve reached Festive Atmosphere Level X, you can also complete the Collections of previous years (2018–2020) using Shards to receive the fancy 2D styles and stunning decals awarded for each of them!

Enjoy Bonuses to Free XP, Combat XP, and Crew XP!

If you reach at least Festive Atmosphere Level V by the end of the event on January 11, you can continue to enjoy the bonuses afforded by your Holiday Ops vehicles branch until almost the end of January.

  • Heavy and medium tanks earn +50% to Combat XP
  • SPGs and tank destroyers get +100% to Crew XP
  • Light tanks net +200% to Free XP
  • Select one of the three bonuses above for any vehicle placed in Chuck’s slot

You will have as many slots as you unlocked during Holiday Ops 2021. Changing the vehicle in a slot will be free once a day, while changing it more often will cost you  100,000.

All vehicles can be placed in the free slots of the branch, except for Premium vehicles.

Get the Maximum Bonus to Credits!

During the Event Extension, all Holiday Ops vehicles will receive the highest bonus to credits earned during the event. To maximize its value, you need to collect at least 72 decorations in each of the four collections, reach Festive Atmosphere Level X, and collect all of the Large Decorations and put them in their respective slots!

Please note, that the festive Garage will be disabled at the end of the main event on January 11, so you will no longer be able to purchase Large Boxes. If you’re still short on decorations, now is the time to grab them!

The Event Extension

  • The Event Extension will last until the end of January, until the release of Update 1.11.1.
  • During this period, the cooldown for changing vehicles in Holiday Ops Vehicles slots for free will increase (once every 24 hours), but by spending a few credits, you can change them after each battle.
  • The amount of the bonus to credits will be equal to the highest value you achieved during the event, even if you break all decorations and lower the Festive Atmosphere Level.
  • Once the Event Extension begins, you won’t be able to apply unused credit discounts on researchable tanks. Be sure to use them before January 11.
  • Any unopened Large Boxes will be opened automatically at the end of the event, even if you don’t log in during the Event Extension; their rewards will be stored on your account.
  • To accept or reject Large Boxes that have been given to you as gifts, please log into your account in the Premium Shop.
  • Once the main event ends, you will receive compensation in gold for any Large Boxes that were sent as gifts but not accepted by their recipients.
  • If you don’t open small or Large Boxes before the end of Holiday Ops 2021 (January 11, 2021 at 08:00 CET, UTC+1), the first time you log in to the game client after this date, you will be credited with in-game items from the Boxes and those decorations out of them that are still missing in your collections. These decorations will be credited to their respective collections.

You have 10 Large Boxes left unopened, and your album contained 320 of the 372 decorations. After opening these Boxes, you received in-game items and 20 decorations, including 4 new ones. Now your album will have 324 decorations out of 372.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021 Event Extension

  1. what a joke….they increase the number of lvl 5 decorations needed to complete collection….i saved up 150 small boxes and opened them on new year……and my collection went from 228 to 240!!!!………I GOT 12 NEW DECORATIONS FROM 150 BOXES…..150 boxes is 450 decorations-and only 12 of them were the ones i didnt have-and my collection wasnt even 2/3 finished……what a joke

    1. and why didn’t you craft more? break them and craft more. i have 340, and i will complete the collection next year

      1. They did increase the number of level 5 decorations, but they also increased the number of small boxes compared to last year. I didn’t buy any large box and now I have only 20 level 5 decorations left to collect. There is still some chance I could complete all the collection totally free while it wasn’t possible last year.

        1. i am at 265 decorations….i also collected all the small boxes they gave,have about 80 unopened plus some 36k shards….im waiting for the last moment to break and start crafting… without buying any large boxes i will finish 1 collection,maybe 2….but to finish all collections for free?????i call BS on that

          1. man , your mistake, you should open as you get them, and use them or break them to craft more. the more you have the more the atmosfere or whatever is called increase, and make more money. are you at least at 30% of credit boosting? i don’t think you are, if i’m not mistaking you need 290 decorations in your collection + the tree full of level 5s and all the big decorations to get at 50% of credit boost

            1. dude what mistake?….at start i was opening them as soon as i got them-until i got my tree to lvl 10….than i broke the rest and used shards to boost my maidens so they start giving me lvl 5 decorations as soon as possible….last night i opened 78 boxes i had……78 boxes that is 234 decorations-and my collection went from 265 to 269—-THAT IS 4 NEW DECORATIONS OUT OF 234—–AM I REALLY THAT UNLUCKY??? so today i will get the last 15 boxes but i doubt it will make a difference…than i will do my best to craft as much as i can out of cca 44k shards-using no duplication things,taking risks with making “random” lvl 5s,braking duplicates(again) but i doubt i will come even close….like i said 1 collection guarantee,2 if im lucky

              1. See that’s your problem. Crafting random lvl 5 decorations is the key to collect all of them. And you just believe some BS conspiracy. I don’t know why you save those stuff instead of getting more credit bonus ASAP. You can vote for whoever you want and believe whatever you want. Just keep living in your world.

                1. you feel better now?you managed to pull your head out of your ass?voting????conspiracy??? what are you talking about?

        2. yes , me too, without buying any large decoration. but i don’t think that i will complete it this year. i will finish it next year

  2. Garry is right though. I got every single box plus the boxes from the twitch drops and i bought a lot and still after all that i only had 296 decorations out of of the almost 400 you needed. They made it so you cant get some tier 5 decorations without spending real money . This will be the first year that i wont get all 4 styles and i spend money on boxes twice. Its just more petty greedy bs from wargaming. The styles cost them nothing its just petty. So to sum up even when spending a ton of money you STILL wont get all the decorations they want you to buy one of each set 400 dollars on NA and 444.00 dollars on EU to just get the styles that is crazy and it wasnt like that in the last years i got he styles . Greedy

    1. and you couldn’t craft more? i just destroyed all my tree decoration, and managed to get 351 decoration for collection, without buying large boxes, how could you not do the same, especially that you said that you bought large boxes?

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