17 thoughts on “WoT – Monthly Rundown: January 2021

  1. and a post-natal abortion to you, ‘boo.
    please go away forever, freak.

    to everyone else, all the best for 2021!

    1. Just to be clear, this ugly creature in the video is certainly an extreme specimen even in England… (to be even clearer about it, most British people don’t have annoying faces or speeches like this one) Don’t be scared to visit UK because of this ugly sun of beach.

          1. I’m all in for free speech, but I don’t really think it should be used as an argument on sacrificing a civilized atmosphere. Imagine walking down the street just to be told by a random dude how ugly he thinks you are. We are centuries ahead of such behavior already, and a world like this would hardly be a better place.

            Moderation not necessarily means censorship in my opinion (and there are also well-established, decentralized, community-based forms of it), while it’s hard for me to see how toxic circlejerks like the above do any good for the blog.

            1. Many times I don’t have time to look through all your comments until after the deed is done. Plus WP only shows new comments on articles I am the author of.

              1. feel free to tell me if my negativity against this individual leaves a bad taste on your great blog – but if eek’s monthly diarrhea will not be reposted here, I am certain not to mention him/it here ever again. I have have a personal grudge with him that goes back to 2017 and the WoWp 2.0 update/downgrade, and at least here I can see that I am not the only one despising him and WG’s decision to replace Kandly with this horrifying personality.

                My best wishes to you for the new year and many successful blog projects, and thanks for doing a good job for the tank society. I especially love the theoretical tech tree proposals WG is too greedy/incompetent to implement. Maybe a real/good company is going to pick up on this.
                Keep up the good work.

                The Conductor of the eekeepoo Hate-Train

            2. Kuratovsky, if you say you’re for free speech and you follow that statement with “but”, then you’re not really for free speech. Free speech is absolute, only inciting to violence isn’t free speech, so you’re free to say eekeehobo is a moron, but you can’t say you wanna beat that moron to a pulp. That being said, this eekeehobo twat annoys everybody, he gets the hate he fucking deserves.

    2. Not to worry, starting this year no more videos containing him will be posted on the blog. This was the very last!
      Happy New Year!

    1. yea, i hope that too. He’s a sucker. His departure will be celebrated with 3 bottles of Aurolac!

      1. Nah he’s just a spineless WG drone and yesman that contribute to eventual NA scenario on the EU server…the worst thing about humanity is these types.

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