15 thoughts on “WoT – Explaining Mechanics: Equipment

  1. Hooray, WG released a video about the new equipment rework just in time for the release. Oh wait, oh no…

    1. Yeah its a pretty good video but something like that should in the best case pop up in the gameclient when the update goes live

  2. Nice, now make a video about how to rig the game, the way MM makes you get a complete fktard team with guys on 3k battles on the acc on tier 8+ (and how the paired adversaries are waaaay more experient …) and how to RNG to make you miss fully aimed shot on stationary targets while they flee right after your shot and hits you back while running and rotating turret…
    fkn rigged and no one talks about it, freaking ridiculous…

    1. Lots of people talk about WoT being rigged but those same people can never provide any evidence…funny how that is. Its basically a classic case of confirmation bias fueled by conspiracy theories.

      I mean if the game was truly rigged then you would never win ANY of your games and have a winrate lower than probably 25%. Even the shittiest players who usually make claims of things being rigged can manage at least a 30 to 48% winrate.

      1. I think you negationist guys need a little bit of Jesus on your little hearts.
        Everytime you guys want someone to literally draw the picture, its a freaking p2w game, and it only corroborates the base system is those who pay gets more benefits than those who dont, and this is a freaking obvious thing cause if it wasnt true any weirdo freetoplay guy would overwhelm any premium player , and we know it doesnt happen, so no hipocrisia to be fair, we all know skills cant be bought.
        And stop playing like a lawyer asking for proof while we both know your “customer” is more than guilty.

    2. What evidence do you want? If a player is green according to XVM, it’s in the enemy team over 90% of the battles. You fully aim, the aim is green and does not hit, does not pen, does 0 damage critical hit. When it does pen, the damage 90% of the time is lower than advertised alpha damage.

      But the enemy kills you from 400+ meters. And the enemy is having consistently high alpha damage. Also their shit gun depression still allows them to hit you and pen your LFP, while you go hull down.

  3. To get preferential MM and rng, become a war gaming community contributor.

    You will get to farm tier 6 in your tier 8 a lot, have games with no SPG, get free loot boxes as reward enough gold to let you absolutely dominate those mosquito tier 6s with your premium food consumables you can afford to use EVERY GAME, normally 20,000 credits a go.

    You will save a fortune in credits, because when your slaying tier 6 tanks in your own tier 8 tanks, you don’t need to shoot gold ammo!. Go forth great hero, with the tools we at WG provide you, you are under our wing now. Just keep pumping out those positive you tube videos.

    And you can farm bonds like a mofo, because we need heroes like you to be players that the paying customers WANT to be, so we at WG want YOU to have the best equipment, improved bond equipment, on ALL your tanks.

    1. CCs only preferential treatment is their insider access to upcoming content and them getting some gold every month. You can’t use them as an example to support your argument because their circumstances are different given that they advertise the game for free and get special privelages as a result.

      As for me I’m not a paying customer and I’ve played for almost 10 years with a 54% win rate after 47k battles and every tier 10 unlocked. The only tanks I have bond gear on is my Emil 1951, Progetto 46, and T-44-100 all 3 of which I got for free. I only play those tanks in Frontline when it comes around every year and I usually take advantage of any in game events to get some credits. You don’t see me crying about the game being rigged because I learned the playstyles of each tank and adjusted my gameplay to suit them. I also accept losses when they happen and simply don’t worry about them because not even the top 1% of unicum players can avoid a loss.

      What people should discuss is how whiny this playerbase is. You also many who seem to never want to accept the blame for their poor performance so they lean on excuses of blaming others and conspiracy theories about the game.

  4. Well the best thing from equipment 2.0 it’s that improving slot,most new equipment invented by wargaming it’s useless for most tanks and are tanks that needs more slots to get and see some improvement.In this game still a shell when you fire your gun comes at different angle than your gun it’s pointed – fakeness at first class but no one cares.

  5. In this video, Wg hides the fact that the double stabilizer has a great advantage in the clip tank.

    Wg probably knows from statistics that a clip med tank is better than a single shot med tank if the game continues to be equal in the Standard Battle. (when fewer players keep pressing the w button as soon as the game starts). People usually said “hey, clip tanks are hard to control proper reloading”, but i thinks, even when poor skill players play clip tank, it’s a huge threat. They only fired few shots on battle when playing single shot, however when playing clip they firing much more shots.

    I suspect that the reason why Rino had been mutilated by wg before its launch was because of the statistics of the clip tank in the standard battle. Heavy tank use armor, so it’s a bit different situation compared to medium tank, but still wg have to keep highly watchful on clip system.

    1. Even low skill players a threat in clip tank…
      True, but do not overestimate a player’s ability to average less than 300 damage a battle in tanks such as Somua SM…

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