Wargaming sold Melsoft

Wargaming sold Melsoft, its mobile game development studio. According to media estimates, for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Israeli developer and publisher Moon Active, who is best known for Coin Master, announced the purchase of Melsoft Games (famous games: Family Island and MyCafe [My Coffee Shop]).

How much did the studio cost is not specified. But we can talk about at least several hundred million dollars. Considering that:

• this year alone, Melsoft’s revenue was $160 million (VentureBeat estimate);
• over the course of the year, the studio’s revenue grew rapidly from month to month – according to AppMagic, the studio earned $3 million on IAP (a service for purchasing virtual goods within the application) in January and already $10 million in October).

Melsoft could have cost around $500 million. But, most likely, the price was higher. And Moon Active could afford it. Only on IAP and excluding the share of Coin Master, last year it earned around $70-80 million per month.

“Moon Active will continue to expand its family with the most talented teams through strategic acquisitions. Today we are looking for companies that create the right products and at the same time share our culture and values. We were lucky to find Melsoft. We are proud that they have chosen us as their partners.”
commented Samuel Albin, CEO of Moon Active.

Minsk game development studio Melsoft Games was founded in 2007 by Alexey Meleshkevich. It developed 35+ games, including Farm Frenzy.
In 2015, it entered into a “strategic partnership” with Wargaming. After the deal, Melsoft changed its top management and a new product leader  appeared – the coffee shop simulator My Cafe, the main source of the company’s income.
Melsoft is now officially based in Cyprus. It employs about 240 people, most of them work in Belarus. The studio recently integrated into Easy Team, the developer of Family Island.

Moon Active is an Israeli company with a large division in Kiev and an office in London. More than 650 employees work in it. The main project of the company is Coin Master, a slots game.

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  1. Moon Active? I’ve never seen this company before, but im sure they’ll make a lot of money. A market that is extorting money from people who are new to video games and creating ridiculously evil price standards.

    People pay $500 for a 2D beauty character wearing a swimsuit. competitive people spend thousands of dollars on powerful character perks. This is the daily routine of the mobile game market.😄😆😔

    1. Yeah, better avoid those smartphone games altogether. Smartphones were never something you could comfortably play on, even compared to old Nokia feature phones… Call me an old timer but I really miss the times before 2010.

  2. “Israeli developer and publisher Moon Active, who is best known for Coin Master”
    Trust Jews to make a game about money lol

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