7 thoughts on “WoT – Renaissance on the Global Map

  1. i like that there is no chieftain this time. hope it will never come back. we dont need these op tanks in randoms

  2. its not cause theres are no chieftain reward from that event that you wont see them in matchmaking or cw or global map. now there’s a barrier stopping the “petit” people from getting the most competitive/op tank in the game. what ever, there are no ways for casuals who dont own anything to win against a tryhard clan spamming over 10 chieftain in every game.

    1. I agree chieftain is bad for competition period, for there’s no alternative within the tech tree with its combination of hulldown armor and speed.

      But let’s be honest here, casuals will be stomped spamming the same number of chieftain as tryhards, Casuals will be stomped even if both sides field zero chieftain.

      Critique should be pointed toward the stagnant meta this game finds itself in, having no choice but to go for the same 3 key tanks on most maps. The point is not to provide casuals a way to get the chieftain, casuals don’t reserve the chieftain. Key is to have a well-rounded stable of competitive tanks that is accessible to casuals and tryhards alike – so the casuals can get stomped and have nothing to blame it on but the skill diff. In doing so if a casual wants the chieftain, he/she gotta tryhard and earn the thing.

        1. Right, or save up for years and use the side door WG left open to appease the complainers and pay up the azz.

          Pay with time and skill, or lots of time and money.

          In fact, WG definitely prefers the latter seeing as how the game’s actively being made less skill-based in multiple areas to keep the 40% wr wallets open.

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