WoT: make extra credits using Missions from Chuck

When you complete Chuck’s missions, you get discounts for regular vehicles for tiers 2-10. And with such discounts you can get a small bonus in credits by selling the tanks.

Discounts apply to any regular tanks, except collectible ones.
Discounts from tiers 2 to 6 can be obtained for completing 15 Chuck tasks during the 2021 New Year’s event. The rest of the discounts from tiers 7 to 10 are better to put on the tanks that you will really research and buy in the future.

Now, from tiers 2 to 6, if you have researched these tanks, and they are not in the garage, you can get a small profit:

M14 / 41 (Italy, MT-2): the price of the tank is 4100, 100% discount – the profit when selling is 2050
M15 / 42 (Italy, MT-3): tank price is 45400, 100% discount – profit when selling is 22700
B1 ( France, HT-4): tank price 185000, 100% discount – profit when selling is 92500
T1 Heavy Tank (USA, HT-5): tank price 435000, 80% discount – profit on sale is 130500
• OI (Japan, HT-6): tank price 950000, 60% discount – profit on sale is 95000

Total maximum possible profit – 342750 credits

  • This amount of credits can only be obtained with these tanks. With others, the profit will be smaller.
    ** It is better to sell vehicles immediately after purchase or sell them at any time, except for when there are general discounts on researched vehicles!

2 thoughts on “WoT: make extra credits using Missions from Chuck

  1. Should be noted that at least on the NA server this currently doesn’t work while the tech tree discounts are running. If you try to sell any tanks now you’re going to get less credits due to the tech tree discounts which last until Monday. So just wait until Monday to sell any of the tanks you got with the Holiday Ops Chuck discounts.

    Oh and FYI the Chuck discounts don’t stack with the tech tree discounts they’ve done for this weekend. WG made this change years ago to stop event discounts from stacking and making tanks practically free.

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