WoT Advent Calendar (25th December): Object 703 Version II

It’s finally here! Available only in bundles. Cheapest bundle price: 37€.

Day 25: Object 703 Version II – Standard (37€)


Bundle content

  • VIII Object 703 Version II
  • Bonus 100% crew
  • Garage Slot
  • Bonus 25×Missions: x5 XP for a victory

Today’s mission gives 3 Small Boxes. Deal at least 2021 damage in one battle.

9 thoughts on “WoT Advent Calendar (25th December): Object 703 Version II

  1. A pretty disappointing Christmas offer imho, is this tank that coveted and strong?

    Asking because I have it and I’d rather drive an IS-6 instead 🙁

    1. Amazing gun handling, good pen, pretty good armour, 390 or 780 alpha and mobility its MUCH better than the is6.

      1. I’m aware that there’s good with Object, I just don’t like it. The armor is not as amazing as advertised (and these days most armor is useless vs the gold spam), and the real dealbreaker for me is the terrible aim time and accuracy (I’m reminded of the old IS-3A, before it got the autoreloader).

          1. Right, I would really like to know how I can make red tanks shoot less gold and for RNG to be less crappy during accuracy rolls. /s

            1. Mate, please. It’s undeniably an S tier premium.


              It’s got workable accuracy considering its role and amazing soft stats. You’re not supposed to snipe. Also, every single armored tank suffers when being gold spammed. This one at least doesn’t have annoying cupolas and also sports the ability to outtrade nearly every other vehicles in the game.

        1. it has incredible amazeballs accuracy, it snipe snapshots while both itself and its target are at full speeds in different directions. it defies the paper stats here.

          I even get hit by it when the gun barrels aren’t quite aimed at me properly, off by approx 15 degrees. this is probably the lag effect it induces when it does aim at me (akin to Skill4ults mod lag discovery).

          And in typical bias magik armour, the turret front is great enough, being that its russian and an Obj, you just need to bury the hull somewhere, and the maps are tailor made for russian tanks to be able to do that.

          And in more typical bias magik, you need to dominate a ridgeline?. Oh the paper stats say you have no gun depression? No worries comrade, you can still dominate any ridge or hill.

          And the final go fuck yourself your not russian: it has TWO FUCKING BARRELS just in case you decide you really want to poop on someone elses party, and fire both barrels at the same time for 800 damage.

          Only russian tanks can have double barrels, because only they thought of it.

    1. I think it was skill4ltu that said its the same as last year…the final tank from 25th Dec to end last year was also not sold for gold.

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