One thought on “WoWS – How It Works: The Matchmaker

  1. If MM doesn’t match teams radar for radar and premium account player for premium account player and standard account player for standard account player and captains skill level for captains skill level, then it’s already failed.
    WG can’t go ahead and bring these features into their game, and NOT make teams equal in the above respects per battle.
    Same goes for over powered broken ships. If one team gets a Belfast then other team must also.
    If one team gets an Enterprise, other team must also.

    If a player wants to queue in the MM using a broken over powered ship, then that’s on them, and they can wait. Otherwise they just enter battles and dominate all, and ruin any idea of a “fair game”.

    WG need to also make these broken over powered ships available for ALL to use, that’s SOLELY ON THEM.

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