Supertest: Škoda T 45 (Initial Stats)

The Škoda T 45, a Tier VII Czechoslovakian heavy tank, is coming to the closed Supertest today.

This is a typical heavy tank, dealing damage in single shots. The gun’s damage per shot amounts to 220, with standard AP shells penetrating 185 mm and special HEAT shells penetrating 250 mm of armor. Reload time is 9 s, aiming time is 2.9 s, gun accuracy is 0.4.
As for survivability, the vehicle boasts decent frontal armor, with up to 160 mm in the turret and up to 110 mm in the hull. The vehicle’s durability is 1,500 HP.

In battle, the Škoda T 45’s role is to engage the enemy head-on, firing at mid-to-close range. The vehicle’s great survivability allows it to fight confidently on the front line.

23 thoughts on “Supertest: Škoda T 45 (Initial Stats)

  1. definitely getting some Vk 45.02 (P) Ausf.A/Tiger II vibes from it
    in 1951 the US intelligence made a report stating that in 1950 Skoda began the manufacture of a “tank similar to the German Tiger”, in addition the running gear is pretty much a copy from the one Porsche designed for his “King Tiger/Tiger II” submission, sprockets on both ends of the track and 6 road wheels in 3 pairs

      1. Its probably an imaginative interpretation of a real project.

        Like, Skoda actually did want to build something like this, but WG is making its best guess as to how the project might actually have turned out.

  2. This tank is so thoroughly mediocre in every single way I can’t even tell if its balanced or not.

    Like, it might actually be perfectly balanced based entirely on how middle-of-the-road everything about it is.

    1. They ( Pankov, Beletsky, Rodionov) said the gameplay of Czech HT will be built around their armor.
      Probably will be an autoloader line (starting from T8).

  3. Oh wow, not only fake, but also heavy class? Full fake heavy line incoming, I guess? Jesus fuck…

        1. Well, I’m probably definitively done with updating that now. I mean, I haven’t played the game since the spring anyway >_>

        2. Seb i dont care if you think he is an idiot or not, the man is a total moron for raging at this tank, wg has not been historical for a long time now, why cant people accept that? go play warthunder if you want realistic, that should be common knowledge by now.

      1. Well it’s not like I’ve raided archives or anything like that and the work itself was kinda fun.

        I sorta wonder what chances are there for the Swiss tree though. Right now I feel like WG will rather pad the roster with fake tanks rather than add a new nation with some actual historical vehicles.

        Either way, I’ve already dropped the game some time ago, so… this is just an extra reason to stay away for good.

        1. They theoretically confirmed Swiss tanks probably for 2022, look at last Q&A. But it is WG and two years plan so nothing certain. lol

    1. Is the tank a complete fake? Or is a blueprint or tank that was being discussed in the early design stages?

      1. Nah, not even a blueprint imo. I mean, archives can hide a lot, but the turret alone is pretty sus – it’s based on VTÚ concept, so not a Skoda design, and it’s rather inferior to Skoda’s own T40 turret imo.

        1. I wrote in a comment last posting about the stream content that this was a CIA tank.

          The only problem is why the “T 45” in the name. If this vehicle is based on these documents than it should be called the Skoda T 32 or the CKD T 32 and it should be a medium not a heavy. Why Weegee settled on “45 T” and made this a heavy when another tank already exists that is more real and is more interesting than this one when it comes to gameplay is a mystery.

          And this is the only time that these “Tiger” tanks were ever mentioned in the CIA documents. (Based on what I’ve found back than and now) I’ve only based it on this “Skoda T 32” tank because of the mention of the crew layout. the TIger II and Cromwell have a very similar crew layout. and at a distance the the T-34 and Tiger have a similar silhouette. Especially to the untrained eye.

          Still very strange.

  4. Please tell me this is just some random tank and not premium to come just before HT line… I do not want this.

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