Holiday Ops 2021: Large Boxes!

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The festive season is always full of magic and gifts, and this year is no exception. So, starting from December 9, 2020 at 07:00 CET through January 11, 2021 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1), Large Boxes with gold, fancy decorations, rare Premium tanks, and much more will be up for grabs!

In compliance with local legislation, Large Boxes are not available in Belgium.

Enjoy Boxes With Cool Goodies!

As always, there’s no way you can lose—all the items inside are greater or equal to the price of the Box in gold. Each Large Box contains four goodies, three of which never change. These are:

  • 250
  • A Level V decoration of the respective Collection
  • A random-level decoration of the respective Collection

What could the fourth treat be? It’s always a surprise! Each Box has a chance of dropping WoT Premium Account time, credits, or even more gold (on top of the guaranteed 250 gold). But if Lady Luck’s on your side, you might find a formidable Tier VIII Premium tank, a Tier III–VI vehicle, or a spectacular 3D style!

Choose a Box from one of the four different Collections:

The basic cost of three Large Boxes is the same as last year and will be around € 6. The more Large Boxes a bundle contains, the greater your discount will be.

New Year
Lunar New Year
Purchasing will be available from December 9, 06:00 (UTC)
3 Large Boxes
11 Large Boxes with a 9% discount
25 Large Boxes with a 20% discount
75 Large Boxes with a 33% discount
One Level V decoration
One decoration of a random level
250 gold
1 day of WoT Premium Account
3 days of WoT Premium Account
7 days of WoT Premium Account
250 gold
500 gold
1,000 gold
100,000 credits
500,000 credits

Bisonte C45
GSOR 1008
Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque
Pz.Kpfw. T 15
Matilda Black Prince
M22 Locust
M4A1 FL 10
New 3D Styles

The sweetest gifts are the menacing Tier VIII Premium tanks, including two brand-new vehicles. The Box may contain one Tier VIII Premium tank from the following list:

  • NEW! VIII Bisonte C45  , an Italian heavy tank with modified autoreloading mechanics. Available for the first time in the game, this unique brawler will certainly be a valuable addition to your tank collection.
  • NEW! VIII GSOR 1008  , the first-ever British tank destroyer with a four-round autoloader. Its small size and high concealment make it perfect for ambushing. The quick reload time between shells and accurate, penetrating gun leave the enemy almost no chance of survival after meeting this stealthy predator.
  • VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque , a fast and furious French medium tank with a two-round autoloader. It boasts excellent mobility and can deal 720 damage in a matter of seconds before making a quick escape. It’s the perfect machine for an aggressive and assertive playstyle.
  • VIII ISU-152K , a Soviet tank destroyer and the lord of destruction. Its monstrous 750 alpha damage and incredible penetration (286 mm) make this beast a menace on the battlefield.

You might receive instead one of the following Tier III–VI Premium vehicles:

  • M4A1 FL 10, a brand-new Tier VI French medium tank with an oscillating turret and four-round autoloader.
  • VI T78 , a Tier VI American tank destroyer boasting a compact size and decent mobility.
  • V Matilda Black Prince , a Tier V British medium tank with a high rate of fire and an accurate gun.
  • III Pz.Kpfw. T 15 , a Tier III German light tank with a great view range and good survivability.
  • III M22 Locust , a Tier III American light tank with excellent mobility and a fast-firing gun.

All vehicles come with a free Garage slot.

And That’s Not All, Folks!

Surprises never end! If you didn’t get a Tier VIII vehicle, then with a bit of luck, you might find another item inside the Box—a brand-new 3D style* for one of the following Tier X vehicles:

  • Conqueror Gun Carriage
  • Maus
  • 60TP Lewandowskiego
  • STB-1
  • WZ-111 model 5A

If you currently don’t own the vehicle, you will still receive the 3D style and you can apply it once you get the tank.

Or you may find one of six cool 3D styles from last year’s Large Boxes:

If you didn’t get them last time, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add these visual masterpieces to your stash of gorgeous custom looks. There are a total of 11 unique 3D styles available this festive season—try to collect them all!

  • T110E4
  • E 100
  • Object 140
  • AMX 13 105
  • Jagdpanzer E 100
  • Object 430U


If you find yourself unwrapping a Premium tank you already own, you will be compensated its full value in gold, no matter how many times it happens:

If you still have unopened Large Boxes at the end of the event, they will be opened automatically. Even if you forget about them, they’ll still be stored on your account, waiting to surprise you with a set of cool goodies! Once the event ends, you will receive compensation in gold for any Large Boxes that were sent as gifts but not opened by their recipients.

16 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: Large Boxes!

  1. Looks like no aufkl. panther in the boxes. That’s nice, I would’t want to gamble for the only tank i’m really interested on

    1. You’ll probably get it with the free lootbox you were promised during those “gifts for service” stuff

  2. The T78 feels recently nerfed in last few months, it used to be great, I preferred it over the Hellcat (same tier).
    Now it’s actually more sluggish, with worse gun, and everything else matches Hellcat, so why wouldn’t a player just play the Hellcat?.

    1. T78 is a Prem; makes more creds and trains crews better.

      Slightly worse than its TT counterpart is what all Prems were originally intended to look like. Why not play both?

      People leaving this sort of comments led to OP prems being introduced or maintained :/

  3. So, there is no 3d style of first loot box contents(is 7, t57 ht, etc) this mean i have to prepare “you cant sleep” black market bullshit again. And even last black market are didnt sell lootbox style. Hey wg, how can i get missing first 3d style’s. I really want them, and i willing to pay.

    1. Damn just open 3d style shop sometimes in prem shop, why wg always try “limted sales?”. Of course, they trying to copy mobile gams business model.

  4. Good that we have a chance to get those 3D styles again. But no Bat. Chat 25t style makes me a little sad. (Don’t have one for my EU account where I play my frogs. But I have the Object 140 and 430U styles on my EU account, but I play my slavs on my NA account funny)

    I wish they put that Jagdtiger Prototype in instead of the ISU-152K but we need to make sure we make the quota that every time there’s an event, Soviet tanks must be involved. the Bourrasque is alright makes a good crew trainer if you don’t have a Lorraine 40t.

    I don’t like the idea of tier 3 tanks in the boxes especially these ones. you can already get them in shop and there are other way better tier 3 options if they needed to be included so badly.

    The tier 5s are alright nothing special but nothing terrible either. but those tier 6 tanks are “interesting” choices. The T78 is a gimped version of the Hellcat we have in-game, so I have no idea why wargaming is shoving this TD down our throats since this is what? The 4th time this year it was for sale.

    The M4A1 Fl-10 just seems to be an even worse Strv m/42-57. the only strengths this tank offers over the other is slightly better speed and HP. the important stats like gun stats are worse than the Strv m/42-57. The only thing the M4A1 Fl-10 has is that 1.7 sec in between shell reloading time and aim time. As someone who likes his French autoloaders, this one is a disappointment. (Also that shell alpha DMG of 135,

    Thankfully though there where other M4 Fl-10 tanks based on the many hulls of Sherman tanks and Chaffee tank. (I believe the turret was also fitted to a jumbo too, but don’t quote me on that.) So we can still get a 2nd medium branch for France and or an Egyptian Tech Tree in the future.

    Still WoT blows WoWS out of the water again by having a superior Christmas event 3 years in a row. Especially if you’ve been following the latest controversy with the WoWS Christmas boxes.

    Can’t wait to see if we’re getting our Proto snow maidens, Santa’s, and the Secret maiden in the boxes this year too. Since it seems they’re going all out this year

  5. I’d like to bend over one of the snow maidens and give her my own Xmas gift mmmmm

  6. I’m interested in WTE stolen by WG….

    Toxic french tier V arty LeBle

    3D styles and low tier tanks = to lower your income from boxes – refund for already owned 3D styles??
    C45 worse than IS-5
    ISU-K = hard pass
    Bourrasque = many already own, I do
    french version of T77…noooo

    That’s Christmas…10 years of WG edition…..

    I loved the update on WG’s fraud with Cyprus passports….best present.

    Not sure how to feel about lootboxes….

    Chuck probably ate all the money so lootboxes are not so valuable this year 🙁

    Also Chuck < Santa :/

  7. I wouldn’t base opinions on the Bisonte on youtuber reviews just yet.

    Every game I’ve seen them in, they finish top of teams, and there’s some real spud players been graced by WG with one.

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