7 thoughts on “Advent Calendar (7th December): Strv 81

  1. Anyone know what happens if you alredey have the Primo Victoria? I have it, but as a Swede it would be so much nicer to have the Strv 81 as it is historic and the Primo Victoria is not (no shit..). And, the Primo Victoria is the Strv 81. In regions (Asia?) that didn’t have the Primo Victora iirc the tank was sold as Strv 81.

    1. If you buy this one you’re just gonna have both

      Also, keep in mind that the crew layout differs between the two

    2. Don’t expect any kind of compensation or trade option, for all intents and purposes Strv 81 is a completely different tank, not a simple Primo Victoria no-skin (different crew setup, uses APCR as standard ammo, etc.).

      1. They are the same only 2 differences, skin of the primo victoria and the crew lay out. Compared to the other centurions at tier 8 the Strv 81 and Primo have APCR instead of AP as standard round.
        However, they are treated as 2 different vehicles like the 2 german Skorpions, the 2 versions of the patriot’s etc.

    1. It’s slightly better than Primo Victoria, standard ammo is APCR and shell velocity is good. Otherwise it’s your bog standard Centurion Mk.I clone.

    2. This tank is basically a centurion i dont get why it is so expensive, yea it has a good shell velocity (both apcr and the premium apcr are fast, this last one is faster than the premium apcr in the centurion I, but is a full upgraded centurion, with better shell velocity, nothing else)
      I personally does not love the centurion 1 when i played it. So, for me it should cost as far as the T-103, a tank that i bought and was fun to play.

      If it cost 7000 gold it will be a good tank.

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