Update 1.11 Release Date

The release of the new update is scheduled for next week, for all regions:

ASIA: December 7;
NA: December 7;
CN: December 7;
EU: December 8;
RU: December 8.

For this reason, two new mod folders will be created: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/

3 thoughts on “Update 1.11 Release Date

  1. Its another empty Christmas patch . Really why even bother it has nothing . They could of at least released the new bond shops tanks as they promised.

  2. “According to Russian sources:

    The next update of the bonds shop, tentatively, should take place at the beginning of 2021, in winter.” They didn’t promise it but they also said for it to take place at the start of 2021. Also will this update be the loot box update?

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