Global Map: What’s next?

Source: EU Portal

Season 15 was the final Global Map event of 2020, but the next battle for world domination is already in the works. We can’t reveal much at this stage, but there are a couple of things we want to share.

  • The next Global Map event is currently set for mid-January 2021. There is no fixed date yet, so make sure to keep an eye on the portal for all the details closer to the event.
  • There will be a new reward tank! Yes, that’s right, a brand-new tank will be up for grabs in the coming year. Let’s welcome the Carro da Combattimento 45t, a Tier X Italian medium tank, to the world stage.

26 thoughts on “Global Map: What’s next?

  1. Yeah, Fake Chieftain was not enough for the whiny tryhards, let’s give them even more toys to ruin Tier 10 with.

    WG’s logic is incomprehensible. They want people to play Tier 10, but they make it unplayable with their awful combination of arta, EBR 105 and these cancerous reward premiums.

    1. and did you look up the armor layout of thing as a lot of frontal weakspots nothing like a chieftain so good huldown wont he be has a decent sized capoler that you cant hide huldwon and other weak spots before you complain go look the tank up and his amor lay out before crying

      1. These hull down monsters are exactly what the bad players want to compensate for their non-existant skill.

        1. Don’t exist skill in this game,just a good sense of map positioning.Some players are better at this thing.

      2. Oh wow it has a cupola! I mean, dude, IT HAS A TURRET WEAKSPOT!!! LOL!!!

        It really says something of the playerbase when people dismiss a tank as weak because it has weakspots lmao

        1. I dont say it weak it has decent armor but not the kind of OP armor that a chieftain has it is nice but not OP so where do is say its weak ?

      1. The “good players” usually whine when WG does not give them OP craptanks to toy with.

        1. For one, WG doesnt give anything. Everyone has to earn or buy what ever they want.

          And havent seen a single good player whining for op tanks, everyone thinks Chief and 279e are bad for the game.

      1. dude your wrong . go check the tanks armor model the live armor viewer on tanks gg its op as a mf . very tiny weaks spots . its a Chieftain with an autoreloader ffs.

        1. Have you checked the armor model of the chieftain? On flat ground it’s armor is 350+ and the side armor is very good you so you do not have to face opponents straight, if you are using gun depression you do can face away around 30/40 degrees. If you would check the Carro you see that very quickly the turret armor becomes weak when not facing enemies straight on. Furthermore, only when using almost all it’s gun depression the turret becomes very strong/autobounce and it then still has weakspots. How is that the same as a Chieftain?

          1. Have YOU checked the model? It’s been clear from the start that the model in is broken. Upper hull is 270 max on flat ground.

  2. They nerfed the progetto 65 bc it was TOO op and then they give this to top clanners. This game is a joke its only for the top clans . rigged .

    1. Wait for those same top clan minions to whine that “everyone can get the tank” (as they do for Chieftain, Bobject 279e and so on) and that it’s UP because gun handling is not like LT 100 or EBR 105.

  3. This thing has the pz7 weakspot that’s next to the gun, except it’s easier to hit, flat, and heat isnt nullified by the mantlet cause its mantlet doesnt exist. That means anyone without Parkinson’s will be able to pen the turret face easily anywhere within 150 meters, forcing this thing to play mid range just from that fact alone. It has dpm that makes the e50m look good, not as shit as the progetto’s, but still fairly bad for a tier 10 medium, and it has gun dispersion values that are on par with the type 5’s 14cm. Its hull and side armor are extremely thin and itll be penned by everything if it tries to side scrape or isnt fully hulldown against a tier 8. The mobility looks average, and with a kinda mediocre camo rating, it makes the tank look fairly competently balanced, making it competitive and fun to play unlike the progetto, while keeping it no where near as stupid busted as other tanks like the tier 10 chieftain or the normal tech tree 430u which is still brain dead tank in the game besides the 268v4. It’s looking like it’ll be a rewarding tank to play and an even more rewarding tank to beat in randoms as long as you have the skill and patience to learn how to fight against it.

    This tank has a chance of being an annoyance to deal with as with all new vehicles, but it’s a step in the right direction for reward vehicles that are just kinda handed out to people who honestly dont deserve them for the most part. So instead of sitting here shitting on wargaming for trying like a pessimistic asshole like everyone in tap and wg social media comments always do, I’m gonna try look at it with a more positive attitude.

    1. And tbh, the best part about it is its looks, And it is always kinda funny watching people be irrationally upset about new things in this game, like those 2 new styles for the udes and the pz7, or new game modes like steel hunter and frontline.

  4. I would really love to have a 907,a chieftain and maybe this tank but how does anyone with a proper job find the time to participate enough in clan wars to get these rewards?

    I don’t think they should be buyable or easily accesible but a system compared to the steel system in WoWs would be nice for decent players which just can’t make the time on a regular basis.

    This will never happen though bc. the clan war system is in place since almost beta times and a lot of effort went into it. Having free gold is not a motivation for top clans anymore so they need some candy to justify the work that gets put into CW.

    1. Just play 2-3hrs / day. Its that easy. I have had job every time I earned a tank and it was easy.

    2. I would agree with you. Actually the clan war system is getting more and more complicated and unfriendly. The high skill cap, the op reward tanks, the all or nothing reward system. New players barely have a clear path to become good, while old players losing their interest.

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