7 thoughts on “WoT: Canyon Map Video

  1. Corridor Heaven looks like
    Light Tanks zero Cover any where another almost Hell map for LT
    Heavy Tanks spotted within 1 min and default 3x SPG from outer space derped to death fast (as no cover > or to scared to move more like

    fast TD,s and decent Mediums probably like this Map?

    Corridors comrade developer more Corridors, give me just 1 Open Map with Corridors just everywhere

    So i can sit in my Tier X SPG not move at all and big smile comrade developer,

  2. Mid place that can only be reached from 1 ramp will be a good place for wheels and Poland mediums, it will be like the top of Cliff but most usefull.
    Seems like an okey map anyway, a better sand river

  3. After 10 years of game we can for sure say that wargaming it’s incapable and don’t know how to create and design a map.They created a certain functional level of the game and continue to milking it until today.

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