6 thoughts on “WoT – Polar Challenge. How To Get The Object 274a

  1. Companys make money. I understand, but wg should be at least give us “tank only” purchase option in marathon event. Im ok purchasing with 50% ~70% discount, but usually marathon package including crap item. so even considering on discount price, it is bit higher price.

  2. Until this very moment i thought and hoped that the marathon would’ve been about the new italian heavy. But oh well…wg gonna milk it out of us with those lootboxes i guess.

  3. The usual bullshit.
    Offer a new (op?) premium tank.
    Start a marathon.
    If you are a normal player with normal amount of free time, then you can get 50% discount after 10 days of grinding.

    Now double the price of the tank in the premium shop, by adding extra – not necessary – items to it.

    Conclusion: after 10 days of grinding, you may buy the tank for the normal price…. plus you get some extra, not really necessary items.

  4. You can choose to wait, and the tank will eventually appear in the premium shop on sale in its on package.

    In the case of the Alpine Tiger, this was a very long time if I remember, but renegade, su130pm and other marathon tanks, not as long. The last marathon Cis tank, STILL has not been sold in shop yet, so it’s a game of russian roulette really.

    How much do you really need WG shiny new thing, to go into garage with all your other shiny old things that never get played?.

  5. Too bad its not Italian heavy, but I’m ready to grind a lot for 90% discount like last time. Premium acc, boosters will make it very profitable and I’ll get lots of bonds from Battle Pass stages

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