Tank Rewards Stopped

Source: EU Portal

The monthly Tank Rewards were a great way to shine a spotlight on special occasions and holidays, and they offered an interesting way for you to earn additional rewards each month. However, we have decided to take a step back and evaluate the past performance of this special.

Until further notice

Regarding Tank Rewards, once the November special has concluded, we will pause the program until further notice. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication regarding the Tank Rewards program and will continue to work on the concept to make it better and more unique in the future.

Thank you for your support and participation in Tank Rewards!

Don’t forget: November Tank Rewards is ending soon! Complete the missions before November 30 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) and redeem your points via the Tank Rewards page until December 3!


Reach the final tier and choose between 7 days of World of Tanks Premium Account or one of two Premium tanks: the VI M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII , or the V M4 Improved .

25 thoughts on “Tank Rewards Stopped

      1. The lack of a tier 7 killed any interest I had. To me selling those tier 7s was an easy million or so credits from just playing normally throughout the month.

  1. ¨make it better and more unique in the future¨, maybe they wanted to say… make it more P2W…

      1. Easy, make all good rewards tied to the premium battlepass while free players get small scraps

        1. Yes, all we Serbs that were born in cities that today belongs to Croatia are Croats. Thats why my and Teslas ažrelatives were killed by nazi croats, and our houses were burned i 1941, and 1991.

  2. Lets see, WG employees (70 of them) under a pay to get passport debacle, disassociation with tankrewards (a punishment IMO for loyal players) and bullsht 2d camos and 3d teddy bears on tanks. C’mon WG….your starting to suck.

    1. Considering all the other stuff they will stuff your face with the next month, inc 3 free tanks. I suspect tank rewards would get in the shadow of it tbh.

    2. People whining about camos need to just shut up honestly. You guys endlessly whine about this tank being OP or that balanced tank being underpowered and boring. Yet when WG releases tons of cosmetic stuff that is pure profit and doesn’t effect game balance you still cry about that too.

  3. People need to chill lol. Clearly they are stopping tank rewards because there are going to be a bunch of holiday events including a marathon coming up and they didn’t want to overload the schedule. There are going to be enough missions for people to grind in the next couple of months without it. I’m sure a similar feature will return after the holidays.

    1. They had no issue overloading the players with events after events during the whole year but suddenly they will stop for Christmas? Come on, don’t make me laugh…

  4. Tank Rewards was very good and appreciated by the community, it’s visible from the reactions here and on the official forums. So if something is good, it’s probably worth being monetized. I expect Tank Rewards to come back, maybe under a different name but clearly with monetization behind and potentially a bit harder so that players are incentivized to pay-up.

    How about Tank Rewards 2.0 with tier 7-8 tanks, but with impossible targets (60 battles/day every day) for stage V (free tank) and with discounts for Stage IV (-50% tank price), Stage III (-30%) and Stage II (-15%)? It would be like tank marathon every single day.

    1. I’d imagine or at the very least hope the key change will be implementation of tank rewards into the actual game client. I’m one who generally doesn’t like going to an external clunky website.

    2. Why do you want them to make Tankrewards even more cancerous than it was already?

  5. Because it’s difficult for all CZ and PL players who are 45% to find the website

  6. If you read between the lines, russian players the largest player base were spending a mere $23 A YEAR on WoT.

    They were obviously being able to function in the game as an active player, without SPENDING MONEY.

    Now, if I was a standard account user, and only had $23 a year to spend on WoT, I would extremely selective on where that money went.

    Tank rewards was giving ALL these standard account players, and other scrooges (who are by nature a miser) the ABILITY to obtain mid tier premium tanks and premium account time etc FOR FREE, and if they wanted to, they could convert the rewards into credits too.

    How long do you think that door gonna stay open?.


    The only shock, horror here should be, is the door was open for such a long time.

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