WoT – Well-Deserved Reward 2020

To express our sincere appreciation and gratitude, we’ll be sending you a Well-Deserved Reward again this year, available from November 26, 2020 08:00 UTC through November 2021.

You’ll be granted rewards based on the year of registration in the game—not the specific date. Be sure to log in to the game. Super Chafee is given only if you have 4 years or more since you made your account!


11 thoughts on “WoT – Well-Deserved Reward 2020

  1. Clip ending: “Dealing with the Black Market” file… So… Black Market, soonish?!

      1. BM 2019: May

        BM 2020: February

        Sounds reasonable since most players will have grinded some credits with the Holiday Ops credit booster bonus that BM 2021 will be in that same timeframe: between Feb-May

  2. Tank horn is now official, and next battle pass include 3 tank class(ht, ht, td). Czech will
    Have a something new contents, and black market is also official.

    I wonder what is “break class” and why czech is displayed with pizza land.

    1. It was teased during WGFest or a Q&A earlier this year that Czech would get LT line. Maybe this is confirmation that 2021 will see ITA heavies and CZE LTs come to the game.

  3. WOT feed their markets – dumb ass Polish and Czech players so they will make more lines for these nations.

    1. yes clearly it’s to catter to an audience and not because these tech trees have original and interesting tanks but not a lot of lines in the game compared to the dozen tier 10s the soviets or germans have/s

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