Steel Hunter 2020 Schedule Reminder

Stage 4 of Steel Hunter 2020 will begin on November 16 and will last for one week, until November 23.

It is worth mentioning that for each unused Expedition token (Frontline + Steel Hunter) you will receive 250 Bonds.

3 thoughts on “Steel Hunter 2020 Schedule Reminder

  1. This mode is complete and utter shit, I’ve given up the idea of getting any of the tier IX premium tanks. I have played Frontline for nothing, waste of time because I do not have enough tokens.

    1. you can still try to AFK through it. I once made 2nd place that way, without pressing anything but the Battle button. XD

    2. Dont fight, and keep running. Then you can get above average score. Any battle royal game have same rules and steel hunter is no exception. Unfer this rules, 3-4 hour play for day, i always passed s.h week for 2~3 days.

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