Black Market 2021 Leak

This is a rough second version of the list of tanks that would allegedly appear in the upcoming Black Market. The new BM should appear at the turn of February and March next year (may be changed due to COVID-19), so until then both vehicles and especially prices may change – the work is not finished yet.

52 thoughts on “Black Market 2021 Leak

  1. I call bullshit

    The Bourrasque is a tier 8 medium premium tank. It’s base price isn’t even 10k to begin with, it makes no sense for WG to sell it in an auction that starts at a base price more expensive than the tank itself, especially since it’s neither OP or rare. Especially since the 703II would be sold at half that price.

    1. That tank is for CW who gold from events, CW .etc.
      Remeber EBR last time ? it got sold for 11.5-12.5k gold

    2. Not OP? It’s the most OP T8 premium currently in game.
      After Christmas people will have tons of gold on their accounts and will gladly buy new/good premiums like bourrasque with it.

      1. Seriously? The most OP Tier VIII Premium? WTF! -.-
        Is pretty decent but is definitely NOT OP!

        1. Yes progetto is one of the best mediums at T8 but bourrasque is OP as fuck. Ask some good players and they will tell you the same.

          1. yes they will tell the same as i do, progetto is simply better.
            progetto has better base and gold pen, miles better gunhandlig and the flexibility of the autoreloader

            1. That makes it easy to play, but a good player will still do better in bourrasque.
              The combination of camo, speed and high burst dmg is just insanely OP.
              But it takes some skill to unlock its potential.
              For most players progetto will be the better choice because no other medium tank is that easy to play.

      2. Rofl how bad are you if you think the Bourrasque is anywhere near as OP as the Progetto 46

        1. Ask a good player and he will tell you that it’s better than progetto. Of course a noob like you will not do good in bourrasque. Its not an idiot proof tank like progetto and requires a little bit of skill to make it work.

            1. You are obviously a very good player, if this is true. Yes the Progetto is stupid OP for good and for bad players, just like Defender. But Burrasque is still OP in the hands of a good player, the question if its better then Progetto has nothing to do with the point that they sell a OP tank.

  2. These figures are for the RU servers so none of it applies to EU.

    1. Obviously those are the numbers for the RU server. I dont care about the numbers, but more about what vehicles/ingame stuff gets offered.

    2. TAP is not restricted for WoT EU lmao.
      WG always have leaks on BM, they were never 100% correct but most of the list is correct so it sure does give the players a sense of what to expect.

  3. As unhappy_bunny stated; this does not apply for EU. Please refrain from posting nonsense like this. I will take down next fake article.

    1. TAP is not restricted for WoT EU lmao, plus if you really could, then just remove this article lol there was another controversial article on a WG empolyee, surely that needs to be taken down no?

      WG always have leaks on BM, they were never 100% correct but it sure does give the players a sense of what to expect.

    1. useless black-market ! not worth it anything……maybe they reconsider and put same tanks who worth it spend same credits, gold or bonds…..maybe they put again card for mission campain!

  4. But where did these forum moderators come from?

    And but why don’t you go fuc….. your…….?

  5. May be a fake, but then again, may not. If the recent story about a disgruntled employee is correct, this might actually be legit, but in that case I would expect Wargaming to react and to simply change their plans. In this case, though, this would probably be a very serious breach of a NDA, and if the guy is found out, they might actually press charges.

    Be that as it may, it’s an interesting read. Of course, it should be taken with more than one grain of salt, but I can’t see why it should be taken down – after all, this is not an official Wargaming site. I do wonder about these moderators.

    1. why would you believe that they are moderators, when you can name yourself as whatever you want?

    2. Press charges??? In what country would breaching an NDA be a criminal and not a civil matter?
      Regarding all the “this not for EU” comments, previous black markets have contained the same items across all servers and are sold at same time for same price…it’s normally only the available quantities that differ across servers.

  6. I call bullshit on this. Only two tanks for credits and both goes for 10 million?

  7. I call bullshit on this. Only two tanks for.credits and both goes for 10 million?

    1. These are tier 8 premiums, in the case of the Renegade it’s even a rather good one. For free2play players it would be worth spending 10M credits in exchange for a consistent moneymaker.

      1. Yes. They are good tanks (I already have them), but the credit prices are crazy. For most players, it takes a long time to get those big credits. I think the credit price of these tanks is absurd.

        It is important for wg to spend credits and gold on the black market. The year-end crates are a very big deal for players. There’s no reason to buy gold for a year if you buy a $300 year-end box like me (I’ve done all my tank research so I don’t need free XP). Veterans say, “You don’t need gold at the end.” However, wg still has to pull out a lot of players’ money with gold (players, tank collectors, still have a lot of products to buy).

        wg is an extreme “limited sales” in the black market, stimulating the player’s buying desire. So players are fooled by bad price deals. They take the gold they have saved in the year-end chest to wg. Some players buy products by converting gold into credits. It’s sad.

  8. 274a is only interested option. But if this list is real, things can change easily right?

    1. And who tf are you, mr “moderator”?

      @Seb, what’s been going on here recently? These mofos delete whichever comments they don’t like and even insult you directly, and nobody even tries to stop them?

      The hell has TAP become?

    2. lol they didn’t lmao even tho ur a real mod of WOT that doesn’t mean jack shit here lmao

  9. I have also forgot to delete my own comments as they are classed as drivel, my regrets and sorry to all.

      1. All you posers should git gud. Look at my channel, full of useless advertising and bad gameplay, and I’m still much better!


    1. well it’s considered a rare tank as it was sold in the same beta “only” bundle as the Pz V/IV and M6a2e1, buuuut since thats almost a decade ago, ppl tend to forget and hey there are some rare premium vechicles sitting around, ynot make the most use out of them by selling them and giving a fat middle finger to those Beta players who quit WOT. Its just business.

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