Fair Play Update: Nov 2020 (ASIA)

In order to improve your game experience, here are the actions we’ve taken on the Asia server in the last month to keep our game fair and clean:

  • 785 accounts permanently banned for botting

For the full list of banned accounts, please click here.

PS: Nothing for the other servers yet. This is ASIA only.

3 thoughts on “Fair Play Update: Nov 2020 (ASIA)

  1. Now for the bad news.
    Purge ended 1 November, and have been seeing up to 3 obvious bots per team since then.

    Once you have 3 bots on your team, and the enemy team doesn’t, the game is over before it has begun, I guess that’s just part of the 50/50 chance of win , right?.

    Another thing is if the server average population is 10,000 then 785 is 7.85 percent or so of the ENTIRE players, which is rather concerning to catch so many.

    Then if you factor in the cheats (because of course there are some, there always is), you can rely on up to (and fairplay bans an average of what works out to 3 players per team using cheats per battle on asia server),a total that makes 6 players per team are bot/ cheating out of 15.

    That’s a rather concerning 40% or so PER TEAM PER BATTLE. Very close to 50%!.

    We must ask ourselves why the upsurge in bot accounts?.
    Why do players NEED 3rd party mods?.

    and my personal favourite:
    Does xvm give players advantages in extra battle intelligence, isn’t information key after all?.

    Any 3rd party mod that gives a player extra advantage is supposed to be illegal.
    I would push WG to ban all mods.

  2. The ban wave was for all Chinese created arty accounts, rather than regular players using dubious mods. Therefore, the 40% figure is rather inflated.

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