WoT: Possible Low-Tier Autocannons Nerf

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So I was busy today the whole day and just had time to get the daily mission for Tank rewards. I logged on and joined a battle in the T7 Combat car that was one of my favourite low tier tanks. Sadly I had to realize that either it was broken recently or was stealth nerfed (no patchnotes indicated a change in the vehicles) with it’s MG brother, the Light Mk. VIC alongside. Previously if you held down the fire button the gun fired until it ran out of ammo, like in the following video at 0:59:

Today though both tanks had to wait 0,5-1 seconds between the 5 round bursts killing off the fun and effectiveness of the tanks as the DPM was decreased and you have to stay in the open for longer if you want to empty the whole magazine on a target. Here is a video comparison of the current shooting mechanic:


Last time I’ve played with it a few weeks ago the machine gun worked like it was supposed to do so I suspect something happened in the patch 1.10.1. Other autocannon wielding tanks might be affected too, I haven’t had the time to check those.

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  1. Yeah, I think this happened along with the low-tier reworks and equipment 2.0.
    My Luchs does the same thing.
    Can´t really blame them much tho, these low-tier autocannons were way too cruel to anybody new to the game…

    1. Actually no, the luchs nerfs (and pz1c) were way back at the start of the year and they were announced in those patch notes, these changes/nerfs for the machine guns/autocannons only came in the last patch 1.10.1, it was fine before that, and the problem is they were unannounced changes/nerfs including on all those tier 2-3 prem tanks. Even tho they are low tier alot of people payed real money for them, and you know from the progetto/ebr attempt of nerffing that it dosen’t go well.

    2. With the 23-27mm pen these are trash tanks as they can barely pen the enemies they meet and the only redeeming factor of them were the 50 round burst.

  2. It was weird to play my T2 light, I didn’t feel like I was back. That is why.
    This mechanism is not OK.

    1. Deffo felt off to me too, but I just thought my ping was bad at the time. It’s really crazy that they did this silently :0

      To be fair, they were indeed a bit too cruel and unforgiving. But merfing without announcing it is indeed really sus…

    1. Check the comparison videos posted in the linked forum, the T7 got it’s burst time increased by 3 seconds and the Mk VIC by 2 seconds.

  3. Already mentioned this in a comment on the halloween 3d nerf thread.

    All low tier prem tank with MGs got stealth nerfed. Confirmed during a weekly Q&A session with Asia WG staff in discord (written stuff still accessible there, refer to said comment in other post)

    Im actually surprised it took so long for people to notice it, especially PzIIJ drivers.

  4. Hahah, how pathetic isn’t this. Low tier seal clubbers crying about an imaginary nerf. This is proof of how retarded WoT players are! Lol

    1. I bet you also support Amber Heard because “there’s no proof” she’s a filthy liar and a scumbag, right?

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