8 thoughts on “M4A1 Revalorisé Available on EU

      1. Well, QB is the best player on EU and has over 10k viewers every time his Twitch stream is up. Envy plebs here can’t handle that.

        1. Everything you just said was wrong.
          He has 2-3k viewers at the most during the week. 4-5k viewers maybe on the weekend.
          And no he’s not THE best player on EU . He is ONE of the best players, but not THE best player.
          Btw you have absolutely no idea what we can handle an what not.

  1. This tanks rng with the cheap ammo:

    Will pen 20% of hits for 2 games in a row versus tier 8 armour,

    then 3rd game you will pen 80% of hits into tier 10 armour….

    Coz balanz comrade.

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