2 thoughts on “WoT – RNG Unleashed #49: Madness? Tactics!

  1. They call RNG “tactics”???

    Why don’t you all WG emoployees go russian roulette you shit-filled brain since you can go tactical on it???

    Quoting AEG: “WG wonder why this game is not popular in e-sport? Cause the new world champion might just drive a Conq GC and one shot ammo rack a full HP heavy.”

    Sure, the new champion needs skill rather than RNG. Sure it’s all tactics and strategy.

    Oh, I know, cause deep down WG knows their Russia Number Generator can be “tactically” manipulated as long as you lick Putin’s butt hole long enough…

    1. Well. I say that apart from your strange way of expressing yourself, you are definitely right …..

      This game may be everything, but it certainly isn’t tactic.

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