WoT Halloween 2020 – 3D Style Nerf

Some players noticed that after this micropatch 3D styles of the Revenant Mk. II series (for tanks: Panther II, E 50 and E 50 Ausf. M + 3D-style “Blitzlicht” on Leopard) somehow changed.

We checked and the truth is, Wargaming has quietly (as always) changed all these 4 3D styles.

They took the main feature of these 3D-styles and put it on hold — reducing the light (almost removing it) from the lights by 70-80% on all the styles of the series.

It’s like, let’s say you bought a new iPhone 12, and after 4 days there was an update that would remove 5G support (its main feature). And now you only have 4G left.

Comparison of the feature advertised in the video vs reality:

Source: wotclue

32 thoughts on “WoT Halloween 2020 – 3D Style Nerf

  1. Well, Many Thanks for this article I wanted to buy the E50M style tomorrow, now I know that I should not, because of the change. The Light was better before…

  2. I love WoT’s stupid player base who fall for simple things like this lol

    This is a great source of entertainment!

  3. Final proof that WG hates lights. They nerfed all the competitive ones (except for the rooskies ofc), now they’re even nerfing the lights on the German tank styles

  4. Funny how they can nerf paid skins but they steadfastly refuse to balance op premium tanks.

    1. What a stupid argument to have when it comes to criticizing them. They don’t nerf premium tanks because this playerbase whines too god damn much. So when it comes to modifying cosmetic stuff thats not a big issue at all.

      Regardless people will continue to whine to the point that I feel like most who play this game have 2 X chromosomes because they bitch and moan about everything.

  5. They stealth nerfed the PzIIJ, T7CC and Light VIC (and all the other premium tanks with MGs). So yes they did nerf premium tanks, even the 100USD PzIIJ.

    1. The inter-burst now has a cooldown so it can no longer spray like a MG does. Auto fire is now 3-5 round bursts.

      And it was unannounced but confirmed by a WG staff on the MG nerfs.

        1. Its in WoT Asia Discord server.
          22 Oct, in the weekly Thursday Q&A text thread – #cakenana channel.

          Go take a look to confirm.
          (No idea how to link discord thread nor post images here)

  6. I got these last year in a package and im pretty sure i paid cash for them. I dont think they can alter a product after sale like this.

    1. Compared to last year it’s a buff since back then the lights weren’t part of the package.

    2. We actually received 2 skins: Revenant I without lights, that we got last year and Revenant II with lights, this years edition. If you’ve bought them last year, you should have a second set now.

    1. Going by the comments under here, some actually like the new version. As this “nerf” won’t impact how the tank preforms. It’s not like the T26E4 hull nerf that made it rather useless aftewards to call it a “stealth nerf”.

      That and I just looked on RU, and as on EU most that bought it actually wanted it “nerfed”. Tho they could have added it as a setting vs changing the skin for the others that bought it and liked it as is.

  7. @Sebastianul Can you Investigate on WG’s gold price reduced camos’s for the Halloween ones. To my knowledge if the Price was never like the one they crossed out and was the 50% reduced one from start. This is illegal and WG can be sued for it. It’s intentional fraud by misleading the customer into believing that he/she is buying a price reduced product.

    If that’s the case, everyone that bought even one of this skins, can fille a classaction lawsuit and let every player that fell for this deception join in on that. The demand could be a full refund from WG for every Skin bought, while they are forced to let the players keep them. In addition the one suing can bring up a penalty in millions of Dollars as a punishment to WG for this fraud.

    1. Wait, what. They removed it. I just logged in and checked if I remembered it right if it was 50%. They straight up removed that, what a scum company…

  8. Can we stop classify an adjustment made to the apperance as nerf? It’s has no affect on the performance in any case. In fact the light properties was changed as it was too bright in the first place.

  9. GIVEY MONEY BACK. I dont care about current version of leopatd 1 style, But I bought the e50m style because of lighting.

    The 3D style should not be changed after the sale, just like the reason why the premium tank is not nerf. This is because the appearance of the product at the time of sale is the reason why consumers buy it.

    1. If this lighting affects the aim of players playing with the Ultra option, reduced lighting should only be displayed to enemies facing tanks equipped with that style. This game assumes that there is no technical difficulty since the option “Show only the historical style” already exists.

  10. Will not buy.
    I wanted the lighting effects as it was before.

    I know WG hates “Lights” but they don’t need to take it to another level and nerf everything that is found on the meaning of this word.

  11. Considering how many people that actually bought it did complain about it on EU. If RU did the same, it would explain it. But if that was the case, it’s arguably the worst way to deal with it tbh.

  12. The main feature is no doubt the blood and barb wire. The light would make sense if we had night maps and they got activated on those. The only problem with these skins are the retarded price.

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