4 thoughts on “WoT – The Wannabe Unicum Guide to ELC EVEN 90

  1. Adding this here too so it gets more attention.

    @Sebastianul Can you Investigate on WG’s gold price reduced camos’s for the Halloween ones. To my knowledge if the Price was never like the one they crossed out and was the 50% reduced one from start. This is illegal and WG can be sued for it. It’s intentional fraud by misleading the customer into believing that he/she is buying a price reduced product.

    If that’s the case, everyone that bought even one of this skins, can fille a classaction lawsuit and let every player that fell for this deception join in on that. The demand could be a full refund from WG for every Skin bought, while they are forced to let the players keep them. In addition the one suing can bring up a penalty in millions of Dollars as a punishment to WG for this fraud.

    1. Wait, what. They removed it. I just logged in and checked if I remembered it right if it was 50%. They straight up removed that, what a scum company.

  2. I always interested in this tank, however this tank will be to difficult to me(view range, camo based gameplay). Im not good at lt, so prefer 240 alpha lt and drive them like mt.

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