4 thoughts on “Supertest: Carro P.88 and Progetto 54 (Initial Stats)

  1. Usually, WG leaves 1 FXP sink per line.
    Interesting that now there are 2.

    The pen on both tanks is lacking. 202/220 and 220/242 is not enough for tanks that face tiers 8-9 and tiers 9-10.

    WIth regards to them also facing tier 5,6 and 6,7, the pen is almost irrelavent on those tiers, since 120-180 is enough, so having 202-220 on standard rounds or more is not going to make a difference.

    1. Should take a look at the Polish heavy line…it has its fair share of shit tanks aka xp sinks in that line with it only getting good starting with the tier 8.

      It also has one of the worst tier 6 tanks I think since its like a poor man’s KV1 just a tier higher.

  2. Continues to expand? We have known about these two for a while, just want to make sure this is not a mistake.

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