9 thoughts on “Mirny-13 Halloween Garage Preview

  1. No, No, No F way, Nooooooooo, OMG no. Please, No. Noooooooo.
    Another dark stupid garage theme. WG can you give option for some varieties to choose from different garage looks for everyone?? Is it so hard to model some to vanilla client?

    1. There are mods on WG site such as Hangman Hangar manager that lets u have stock garage or a few more to chose from. Learn to search for info before crying….

    2. And Halloween’s is a day fest with rainbows, sun and shiny items right? No dark places, death, monsters etc. Not so bright eh?

    3. On the contrary when I can figure out how, and stop being too lazy to do it, I would like to mod the old garage back into the game, you know, the enclosed one many of us haven’t seen in years?

  2. Horny Fat Ethel stick your mods you know where. Learn to read and understand, I have written VANILLA client for purpose.
    KODyn Helloween is not fest for all EU nations, not all are celebratin monsters and dark.

    1. John Tommorow. If you don’t like it, play something bloody else. For crying out loud. Always this whining and crying. Mememememe
      Nut up or shut up.

    2. “Helloween is not fest for all EU nations, not all are celebrating monsters and dark.”

      If not all EU nations are celebrating Halloween is ok because is not a EU fest BUT those who are doing it, there are certainly monsters in it. In my country, we have vampires on Halloween.

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