Last Waffentrager Mode – Fake Players?

We got emailed by a reader, ZeNyK:

„Hello. I did a bit of research about this mode, and I was thinking that Wargaming is doing something very irresponsible for all of their playerbase. 

First of all, I got some matches in the T-55 and everything went just horrible, with players shooting only the Waffentrager from the first second of the battle, and that made me make a more deeper research inside the mode.

First battle (screen1) in this research was a victory, and looking in every one of my teammates profiles everything was ok, with a personal score from 3000 to 7500 approx.

But, in the second battle (screen2), and there is the interesting result of my little research, my team was amazingly a tomato team. I wanted to see the profile of every single player from my team, and even going to to see many more details, and surprise. Two of my teammates (pleyerq and suavi123), both of them played ONLY 1 MATCH in the last 30 days.

That put me in a very annoyed state, and thinking that Wargaming is using user accounts like bots, and making matchmaking for the other players to enjoy (not really, thinking that they are bots). From my point of view that is a big offense for players like me, who play more than 600+ matches per month.

Today I played 6 matches, and in one of the matches got this:

Both were in a platoon, the second one didn’t even exist as an account, and the first one played 3 matches in the last month…..and finished with 2500 dmg….in a mode were it is easy to make 10k….
Pathetic by Wargaming to do this…”

49 thoughts on “Last Waffentrager Mode – Fake Players?

  1. Why is it so unbelievable that some players (be them tomatoes or good players) that took a break from WoT are returning to try out the new mode WG was advertising?

    1. It’s also quite interesting that you’ve provided two screenshots, but conveniently forgot to make one about the battle where one of the player’s supposedly had no account. How hard is it to come up with a fake name that doesn’t exist on the EU server and link it in the email?

      1. Even that can be explained, depending on account name…
        Press accounts, event accounts, exhibition accounts (e.g. arsenalen museum), other special accounts that wargaming gives some CCs access to for promotional purposes only.

        Or indeed, anonymiser…

        So applying Occam’s Razor; the likely cause would, indeed, be players who come back from a break.

        And besides, Wargaming has been quite open about the use of bots in various game modes in other games (random battles in Warplanes, co-op/scenarios in Warships) as well as on low-population WoT servers (ANZAC, South America). So why would they go through all the extra effort of hijacking people’s accounts for use as bots in an event?

        1. I came back from a break. I only started playing the mode on Saturday. And yet I managed to get really good with the Harrier by my third round; the learning curve for this mode is VERY low.

          I kept track of my progress (a bit obsessed with WoT statistics. Not skill scores and other XVM bullshit, actual statistics. I had a win rate of about 9% in my T55, and more than 2/3 of the battles were against fairly dumb (or worse) WT players.

          A Harrier win is not easy against a good WT, but also not impossible. A Harrier win against a dumb WT is almost a certitude as long as no1 messes up. Again, the mode is very easy to learn to play properly.

          9% win rate. And my top score rate was about 70% of ALL games.

          You go draw the conclusions.

  2. I dont see the evidence.
    Maybe the latter was anonim.
    Maybe they are kids.
    Maybe they play rarely and a friend told them this new mode and they gave a try.
    Maybe they just get that the goal is to “kill the boss” so he focuses doing that, not clearing the trash.

  3. that “little research” proves exactly nothing and if after spending 600 battles a month into this game he’s still petty enough to go check every teammate that does not live up to his expectations after a battle, maybe it’s a sign he should take a little break from the game. Say for a month. Then when he comes back he’s the one with 0 battles in the last 30 days who’ll be ruining someone else’s day.

  4. Pretty shocking to see the comments where people REALLY pretends everything is okay, and you are just a random bad player ranting about a freakin sick rigged system!
    Its FKN REAL! Get out of your god damn bubbles !
    The Game is FKN BROKEN and RIGGED right now, GET OVER IT.

    1. Those shit you’re talking about, are you sober? or is it just after you make love to your boyfriend?

      1. You must be high on drugs when you think 25% rng is okay, or making teams completely different, even able to lose by 15 X < 5 , if you dare to say it is acceptable, its cause youre against a system where people are congratulated by its skills (and making equal chances with equal skilled adversaries), and you dont understand a game where youre just used to entertain fktard kids who P2W .

    2. As a +63% player in this game since 2012, I can tell you that IF the game is rigged, it’s rigged for, NOT against baddies like you. It’s rigged for player retention so top players like me don’t farm you to death.

      Meaning, if you’re bad, terrible, no brain player, the system is actually helping you. First 1-2 shots from me will miss/bounce on you, kill shot may miss/bounce on you, and rng will throw you an epic no aim / no miss game once in a while to make you feel okay about yourself. You stay and buy premium with your 38-46% win rate.

      This is one of the reasons why top players leave wot. This is especially accute on small NA. All active players get farmed by WG for money, but at least back in the day it was a good game and worth spending $$ on.

      1. Dude Im only over 1400 wn8, and even I often feel like they are just slapping me with the horse pp when they feel like it. Today, out of 46 matches, I won 18. And this is a common ratio. Believe me or not, but every time Im having premium or boosters, it gets even worse

      2. True.
        And WG has a name for it:

        An algorithm no one knows any details about.
        No one actually knows if their average damage after lets say 1000 shots in a 390 dmg gun is actually 390, nor their given pen/accuracy………..
        And its allways interesting to see how the 45% wr tomato will ammorack/highroll you ,while you miss/bounce/low roll him in return.
        After all, WG cant let their 50.000 battles/45% winrate/500 WN8 r*tards get discouraged by tryhards like us eh?
        Naaaah,they will protect them with their magic RNG-algorithms untill they reach 150.000 battles (and most importantly 5000€ spent), to properly learn the game mechanics………

        P.S: This got nothing to do with new players still learning, or at least trying to learn.
        This is all about bots/trolls/r*tards with thousands and thousands of games,still wandering around the maps like headless zombies,shooting trees and breaking fences, missing 80% of their shots, having something like 40-45% winrates and 600 dmg/ game in their tier X tanks, making this game more “fun” for sure……

        Btw, WG thinks its fun, to put 10 such players in the SAME team, facing an experienced team, with actuall working braincells…..makes a great challenge for the 5 remaining players, doesnt it.
        Put in the “brilliant” map design, and you got yourself some more “fun”.

        1. Uh… why don’t you just record every shot you take that could do its maxroll in damage for like a thousand shots or more, and then average it out. Should be easy-peasy to find out if the RNG is close to what is claimed.

          Also, WG never claims to match teams by player skill…

          1. I got an easier task for you:

            Why dont you try to figure out what your PENETRATION is on 1000 shots, or your ACCURACY.

            Can you?
            (Hint:probably NOT)

            Is it normal for you,that the same shell, fired from the same gun, from the same tank, has something like 190mm penetration first shot, but 300mm penetration on the next one?….

            And i dint say WG CLAIMED to match teams by player skill, i said they SHOULD.

            If they dont want to have 100% skill MM, then at least try to balance the 3 or 5 top tier players, which (should) have the greatest impact on the battle, depending on the template, or introduce player LEAGUES…..

            Hard, right?…

            Unless you are WG fanboy,blindly trusting their competence/integrity to death.

            1. Oh yes, skill-based matchmaking, how did that work out for that other tank game which implemented that? Oh right, it is moribund, last time I checked.

              Also, you might want to check that 30-page forum thread on the EU forum about RNG and it supposedly being rigged. Here’s a hint: there’s been zero evidence for rigging so far.

              And calling anyone who maintains that there is no evidence of rigging (anecdotal evidence doesn’t count), isn’t fanboying, it is using logic. If there is no evidence of rigging, then there is most likely no rigging.

              Furthermore, you fall into the fallacy of demanding evidence that there is no rigging, when the party claiming there is should be the ones to show there is evidence to back up their claims.

              1. you probably think that you’ve presented a pretty smart argument now,dont you?

                you cant prove that aliens exist, because you cant travel at light speed,but then again,you cant really disprove it,right?

                its what you believe or not,just like religion,you cant prove god exists, but you may believe in him and afterlife.
                This bullshit you just wrote, is called ”The presumption of innocence”, and its is the legal principle that one is considered “innocent until proven guilty”, you can use that in court, but that does not mean that thousands or even millions of guilty scums didnt get away BECAUSE of this principle.
                now what you are writing about proving RNG is rigged,is of course NOT possible,simply because of the fact that we cant just walk in WG’s office and demand they present us their codes,statistics,files,servers etc etc,so that we can investigate.
                Are you amazed right now?

                yeah dude,we cant prove it,because there is, and never will be accsess to critical evidence,found ONLY in WGs headquarters.

                What does that mean to you?

                everything is ok?
                25% RNG is justified?
                RNG,which is a freaking CODE,cant be rigged?

                Am i an elephant?

                1. the game is made to give you the most shit odds possible. you can hit point blank range shots. or just see your shot deviate the target by centimeters on a perfectly still and closed aim.

                  only way to change wot is a complete revamp, but considering , player base, where the game is headed and what has happened. bit late.
                  and with a revamp i mean, removal of many arcade aspects, i mean, jesus christ even Armored Warfare has better gun handling than this game.

                  in the state this shit show is atm, taking it seriously or expecting any quality of life changes for the player base. its just delusional, i’d rather tell you to pick another game such as War Thunder “not as biased RNG, but if you wanna argue that shell damage to interior is RNG oriented…” and even Armored Warfare itself is less stressful “population grown decently after it joined steam.”

                2. No, you’re 60% banana.
                  And if you got so many issues with the game, why do you even bother playing it or posting on sites like these?
                  Is SerB putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play?

                  And if the game is rigged, then you should be able to independently gather evidence there-of. Observe long-time statistical deviations from what is claimed. Since such things cannot be observed even with large sample sizes (in the tens of thousands), there is no rigging.

                  Also, I am not saying that it can’t be rigged, I am saying that it isn’t rigged and that there is no need to rig it,

                  Likewise, if Wargaming already has a working system for bots, why would they take the convoluted effort of hijacking player accounts who might log in at any moment while they’re used as bots.

                  So again; if you got so many issues with it, why do you insist on playing?

                  25% RNG is justified in that it makes any sort of aimbot unreliable. So anybody using an aimbot has only limited benefit from doing so before getting banned. It also means that people with disabilities can more easily play the game since they are at far less of a disadvantage as they would be with for example CS:GO. But I guess that in your perfect imaginary world, people with disabilities don’t exist and as such don’t need to be taken into account for being able to enjoy an online game of tank combat.

                  1. percentege of people with disabilities playing this game?

                    0.2% maybe?
                    0,5% max?
                    screw the rest 99,5% for that 0,5%.
                    people using aimbots?
                    lets say 3-5%?
                    screw the rest 95%.
                    retarded logic.
                    you are not the brightest in your class eh?
                    keep using dumm arguments.
                    you just embarass yourself.

                    Im just wasting time here,poiniting the obvious to a probably 47% baddie.
                    your favorite answer to beeing bad is probably:”its just a game,im just having some fun”, right?

                    yeah boi,so is football and basketball,do you have to be bad in games you play, without using some braincells at least?

                    and one last time for you,since you re not that ”quick” in the brain:you cant track and analyze ARMOR PENETRATION VALUES,and that is the biggest problem with RNg, +/- 25% on ARMOR PENETRATION,which makes NO SENSE.
                    you sound like you got a dog in this race………

                    and btw,i never said i dont like this game,or that im not gonna play it,i just want it to get better,unlike yourself,sheep.

                    P.S: ”25% RNG is justified in that it makes any sort of aimbot unreliable.So anybody using an aimbot has only limited benefit from doing so before getting banned”….

                    no,for reall,this wins you the ”retarded argument of 2020”,for sure, LOL.

                    1. Actually, Nishi Kinuyo has some good points.
                      You have to bring the evidence(or atleast some hints) for rigging not the other way around.
                      You cant prove the RNG on penetration? I tell you, you can.
                      Go into the training room and set up some testing conditions. Maybe for example, how often can you pen a flat E100 turret front from 100m etc. And please dont tell me the training room is rigged.
                      Its even easier to collect data for damage rolls. Nishi Kinuyo suggestet it but you just went over it. Just note all damage rolls over a 100 battles and you will have a result.
                      Do that several times and you have something to work with.
                      Everything else is pointless.

                      Its a psychological effect to recognize negative outcomes more then positive ones.
                      I witness the same effect everytime I have one of those sessions with below 40% WR. My statistics on the other hand prove that there are more evenings with a much more positive WR.
                      So just go and collect data and prove or disprove your bad feelings.

                      BTW the 25% RNG is there since the beginning.
                      In my opinion the penetration RNG could be reduced to maybe 10-15%, the rest is fine. I dont want a point and click fast reaction shooter. I mean who doesnt like his super high roll now and then? Or having the chance for another shot with 1 HP left.

  5. Lol i dont even play randoms anymore and im still active like every day. How can i do that you may ask?
    The answer is simple: clan wars, advances etc. all things related to clans are interestinr for me.

    The guy in the post is just whining like a little pussy that he doenst have good teammtes in a fucking fun mode …. man how sad is your life if you start complaining about ppl that dont tryhard in fun modes …. get over it and move on but most important => spare us with that stupid bullshit of yours (not calling out TAP but the idiot with the „evidence“)

    1. Maybe because the GUY wants to actually win and receive prizes for his efforts?why play otherwise than to compete and be better?

      1. If he wants to win and decrease the number of “fake WG bot players” in his team he should find platoonmates either from his friendlist or from one of the many chat channels in the garage made for finding platoonmates.

      2. taking a 10 year old pixel tank game bit too serious over there. its a game, not a job. no one is obliged to be on 100% dedication, just because it so happens that mister “i wanna be the guy that wins it all” is in the battle.
        and i can genuinely understand why some people have chat off, its to avoid that kind of people, that take a bunch of pixels as a life. its laughable really.

  6. Firstly, your sample size is TOO small to be considered a “research”. Please investigate further.

    Secondly, laws can’t stop WG promoting gambling to kids. How can laws stop WG using bots??? (WG proved to me that they have no morality at all a long time ago)

    Well, lastly, I don’t know about America or Asia server. But on EU server, it totally won’t surprise me if WG start using bots in T55 just for the players having a lot of keys for WT auf E110/220.

    But, an obviously sensible thing to do that would be giving them full bot T55 teams to fight against (even easier win for sure, but these are the people who paid WG, so why not). In this way, the real T55 players won’t be punished further from the current (default) low win rate… Frankly, I even think this is a solution (for less waiting time) more effective and easier to implement than throwing only a few bots in games with real T55 players.

    Anyway, just finished getting my 3000 bonds tonight. Won’t touch this stupid/fun mode anymore.

  7. Why are you posting this? This is a whine from a tinfol that blames everything bad on WG. Thus these are WG run bots.

    These are bot test accounts I’ll bet. Just like the Excelsior invite code bots you see 5 of in each match after 2 AM wandering around aimlessly. I would not be surprised if they are the same group of people testing again going by some of the profiles I’ve seen. Google a bit, and you might find the sub reddit that does the exelsior tests.

  8. Is this some sort of anti-WarGaming propaganda? This is a information blog, not a politics blog. This post is nothing different from those stories told by the media with partial facts and serve only for propaganda purposes.

    Not to say that WOT has been criticized for long about its sharp learning curve. A large number of players are still sitting at the bottom of the hill relaxing, and in this post they are not even considered part of this game. Discriminating new players is disgusting and shouldn’t be encouraged.

  9. In all fairness, after the first day everyone either stopped playing the game mode or switched to playing the wt110, so they kinda need the bot accounts so people actually get games instead of sitting in queue for an event no one is doing.

    That’s all assuming that these actually are bot accounts obviously

  10. That is probably the dumbest thing I ever heard xD
    I guess after that logic I am a bot too. As I “only” have 144 games played last month. Yet I am a CC.
    Its probably those people wanted to test the new mode that and thats about it. If you didn’t play a lot and are not in the loop then chances are high you just focus the main target when you didn’t looked into what you need to do.

  11. I think it‘s incredible difficult for WG to balance these special event game modes. (they are having trouble balancing the main game…).
    For an event like this PvP is even more difficult than PvE like Halloween for example. When they set up the progress for this event, they made it so, that you need to win on both sides. So an imbalance would ruin everything.
    I think they realized the mistake just after the WTE110 event was started, the WT was loosing most of the time! As a WG manager, what’s your choice now: Either admit this fundamental mistake and stop the event – that’s not going to happen, since they already sold a ton of boxes – or, rig the event so that every party can win.

  12. at the time of writing this,i am just sitting here drinking my milk,reading comments and thinking “ok?”
    “jokes” aside, i personally do not feel like these players are bots, just some players who made a break and came back to check out this aids mode. As for the player with a nonexistent account, its either a bug or some sort of special account (if im not mistaken,those “special” accounts dont have stats”).
    Now its true,its very annoying to see idiots who are 600hp and try to ram Waffle, but somehow you gotta live with it. Myself, I have up from the event because I do not have time to waste on that aids mode,and i dont wanna lose my braincells over a game.
    TL;DR – I do not think there are fake players,and this whole thread makes no sense.

  13. Not suprised if true…. There’s currently Bots from Tier I to V tho…! Why not Tier VIII IX & X? Is perfectly doable! Plus, I can share a little goodie with you all that will (almost) confirm at 100% that we have bots on higher tiers already. Basically I believe there’s bots on higher tiers but not confirmed by WG.

    1. You believing there are bots in higher tiers almost confirms 100% it as a fact? Who the hell do you think you are?

  14. You need to be careful with games played the last 30 days. I guess i have played maybe 10 battles the last 2 months because i was only playing event modes.

    And i guess if those accounts were used as bots they would have better results xP

  15. I had a WT E100 drowing after around 45 seconds, luckily I was in the top 5 at the point. Thought about him being a bot, but who would waste one of those kys like that?
    In the end I dont care, I like the mod, even if I end up in a tomato team. I play for the sake of playing almost every evening since 2012 (username: muff99 on EU)

  16. Maybe this has someting to do with the “abused” Accounts:

    WoT: Account wipe disabled until further notice
    Source: EU Support

    Due to unforeseen technical issues, we are forced to disable account wipes in World of Tanks.
    All wipe account requests will be rejected until further notice.
    When the issue is fixed we will update this announcement.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  17. Have send myself an email about an interesting account: played against that player back in september.The guy was good in his Obj252U, wiping the floor with our heavies.Checked his account, it was created in august 2020, and he had over 150 battles in 252U.Then I realized that Defender/252U were in premiumshop last time in february this year.Since there were no lootbox since december to earn 252, the remain option was as rental tank.But tank rentals last 10 battles, 10 or 14 days, and this player had battles even on the 16th day after first sight.My question is:this obvious wannabe 2nd acccounted polak statwhore how have got that Obj 252U?
    PS:its not a press acoount, CC or anything like that, its a regular account.

  18. In the developer interview that I read last time, they said that “server resources” are needed to make an ai player. Will Wargaming use money for a simple limited-time game mode?

  19. The bots are not being hidden from us. The players named “Sentinel” are bots. Come on I thought that would be more obvious, but what can I expect from a website that insists the Steel Hunter tanks only have one maximum configuration? Exactly

  20. While i agree with the theorie in general and firmly believe it to be true, i need to tell you something about one of the accounts you mentioned (tonkopf_is_weak). This player is a german player that was on my teamspeak some days ago. He wanted to come back into my clan since he appearently was in the community before.
    I can send screenshots from the ban i gave him because he started to annoy me.

  21. I noticed on NA the name sentinel every match or almost every match. Also sometimes saw 2 of them in sometimes on my team. This made winning the mode so much harder. Every gun counts and one down bc of a bot makes its so much harder . Was really not fair to us and misleading to add bots . Funny all but one for the t55 daily missions required you to win and they flooded it with bots . hmmmmmm wonder why .

  22. Have you ever saw a bot? They are very dumb, only shoots sometimes, orient the hull towards enemies and move chaotic. So if you have battle replays go and wach your team (do not wach enemies beacause they are all bots except WT) and if you see chaotic movement on your teammates then you have some prove and after you have your prove then go to garage and play anything else or quickly press Alt+F4 and you will be much happyer. I have for last 3-4 days only one win per day and have to try very much to obtain the second and third but still play the mod because is fun for me knowing that I have bad or bot players in my team. This is WoT life, deal with it and “best job I ever had”! 🙂 … I won all my WT games though up until now (all 3 games :)))

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