16 thoughts on “122 TM In-Game Pictures (Unfinished Model)

  1. what’s with the stars on the front fenders? is this historical, or will WG make a special CCP design tank to support their commie comrade degenerates?

    1. You must have noticed the hull is so similar to their east Asia counter part’s STB-1… This is the only way these brain dead commis at WG can think of to make it “unique” and getting away from being accused for copying and pasting… hahahaahaahah fucking brain dead sucker WG.

      This crap must be blueprint/Soviet wet dream AGAIN fucking again (Thanks, WG!). Cause 120/121/122 series were never even prototyped (yap, the entire high tier tech tree of CHINA).
      Chinese army are still using Type 59s in the majority of their tank units (god… IDK if this is at all good or bad…).

      1. as posted below it was a real prototype but I already thought it had some resemblance with the NORINCO Type 80-II, according to what is written on warspot the Type 80 was the 5th prototype of the WZ 122 project which nows makes it obvious as to why the WZ-122 has the same turret basket as the Type 80

    1. I remember seeing these pics years ago, still unsure if they are legit or not but thanks for providing the links. If this was indeed a built prototype, that counts as a +1 for the tank in my book.

      1. They are morons. Why are they comparing the ingame model that is clearly based on the very fist 122 prototype with the third version that is still available in a museum?

            1. but WG use the wrong main gun’smoking device,and two huge observation tower NOT existing

              1. The fume extractor looks like the one on the triple hydraulic model, and those two things on the turret arent rangefinders but the ATGM launchers covered in tarp.

                By the way if you check the gun module name, it’s called 122 TG which is the cyrillic short version for “triple hydraulic” so it’s clearly a misnamed problem, not a modelling one.

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