One thought on “Design & Theory – The Tanks of YOH

  1. funny how a small team with little to no budget was able to find enough about those to make a video about them while WG’s historical team with a decent budget claims they could not find enough
    here we have:
    » layout
    » details on components
    » ammount of ammo carried
    » armour thickness
    » detailed drawing of the internal mantlet structure
    » dimensions

    I would say that there is enough to model them

    one of the oscillating turret designs could finally relieve us from the suffering it is to play the T69 at Tier 8, add the T22 at Tier 6 (same Tier as the T20 but without the 90mm gun, has autoloading 75mm [historical] and 76mm [natural upgrade] instead) and move the T69 to Tier 7 and the line is FINALLY FIXED

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