Update 1.10.1: First Public Test Launch Date ETA

If everything goes as planned, the first Common Test of Update 1.10.1 will start next week. In the patch, we can expect new features that have been sent to the Supertest server (and not only) in the last two months:

-Rebalance of Chinese and German medium tanks;
-More maps in the Encounter Battle mode;
-Redesign of some maps;
-2nd season of Ranked Battles 2020-2021;
-New special and premium vehicles;
-New personalization elements;
-Halloween event 2020;
-and others.

6 thoughts on “Update 1.10.1: First Public Test Launch Date ETA

  1. See this people?

    Clearly, the protest in Belarus is definitely FAKE NEWS. GJ mainstream media lying bitches.

    As WG can still deliver the next “beloved by players” update…

    Yeah, I don’t even need to see the details of this update. I bet the buff to OBJ.140 will sneak in so fast hiding behind some other nations’ buff… Of course, WG won’t also forget some random nerfs to some other nations…

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