Supertest: 122 TM (Initial Stats)

A new Chinese Tier VIII medium tank, the 122 TM, will be sent to a closed Supertest.

This vehicle wields a 120 mm gun with 400 damage per shot. The aiming time and accuracy are quite good at 2 seconds and 0.33 m respectively. The standard shell penetration is 233 mm, while the HEAT shell can penetrate 299 mm of armor.

The combination of good armor (280 mm of frontal turret armor) and -8 degrees of gun depression allow this medium tank to take advantage of the terrain and hills. However, all these advantages come at a cost: the gun reload speed is 16 seconds. The top speed is 55 km/h, and the power-weight ratio is 15.5 h.p./t. Total HP: 1,500.

The 122 TM is nicely protected and has a good gun. Its main weakness is the reload time, which is why you should play it carefully and choose your targets wisely.

PS: Sorry for being late. Herded cows for 8 hours today. More articles tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Supertest: 122 TM (Initial Stats)

  1. WG HQ is thinking like this:

    Is this a Soviet BLYAT clone?
    If yes, it gonna be good and sort of unique (speak chinese instead of Klingon). But suck by RNG once facing true russia cyka blyat OBJs…
    If no, well, fuck the chinese. CHINA!!!!! (say it like Trump)

    Anyway, goodbye (or maybe I should say Bon Voyage), T-34-3. Your gold shell is just about as good as this one’s normal shell; 🙂 #WGbrainDead

    Stats feel like a faster and less armoured (probably but unlikely) Lowe…

    1. Just did the maths if this thing Upper Front Plate is angled at 60 degrees like almost all Russian and Chinese tanks than it’s protection vs HEAT will be 9mm better than the Löwe, vs APCR 5mm better than the Löwe and vs AP 2mm better than the Löwe.

      1. That’s the thing though, this thing’s UFP probably actually isn’t that well angled. Based on the pic provided it looks more like the angle on the FCM 50T or ARL 44.

    2. At least the T-34-3 has preferential matchmaking while the 122 TM will not. So the T-34-3 at least has a reason to be played as long as you don’t mistakenly platoon with other tier 8 tanks that don’t get PMM status.

    1. I’m just telling you should start now. 100 angus cows are 100k euro. Feed them, and you got a money making machine.

  2. That reload speed will get people killed but wtf with these stats lol… is this really a Tier 8 medium?

    Anyway, now I know Seb herds cows among other things, I feel I know a little more about the world. 😛

    1. Now that I’m paid I help dad more. I used to herd sheep in 2013 in order to get money for a new PC. Now I’m gathering for a telescope. It’s a good motivator. Only downside is… bad internet on the hills and we got a drought atm. Hoping Starlink will fix the internet part. Oh yeah, I hope to learn basic tractor driving so I get good money making hay bales!

  3. how do they expect us to not complain with every new addition?
    this medium is better than some regular TT Tier 8 heavy tanks, it has equivalent armour to some but much better mobility and better penetration than most, now had soft stats benefits (concealment, terrain resistance, etc) from being a medium tank and there’s no point in playing HT’s anymore

    just compare it to the Chinese HT’s (both regular TT and premium), there are only 3 aspects were it is worse:
    View range (-10m)
    ammo count
    reload speed

    but it is better in:
    gun depression
    aim time (almost 1 second quicker)
    alpha damage
    cammo rating (I assume since it is a medium vs heavy tanks)
    and at the very least the armour won’t be that far off from the HT’s armour, particularly for the turret (I am never sure if the values presented are for effective or raw armour thickness)

    so why should you play any other Chinese Tier 8 tank?

    1. Who says that the tank will be released on the normal servers? It may be just an addition for the Chinese server.

  4. It should be a tier 10 ,because in real world ,this thing is use to against T-62,and,there are four missile launchers··········

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